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admissions success

"A-list helped me reach my goals in every category on both the ACT and SAT...
With their help I was able to attend the college I’ve always wanted to go to.”
- Matthew G. (JFK Bellmore, 2013) +420 points
University of Florida, 2017

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an a-list story

"A-List differs from traditional educational firms in our dedication to fostering long-term relationships with our students and their families...We believe in what we do, and it comes through in our results.”
- Scott Farber
A-List President & Founder

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a-list locations

Learn more about what A-List is doing across the country and around the world
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a-list bookstore

"...The materials they provided, from the Book of Knowledge to vocabulary flashcards, were all incredibly helpful…In the end, I was accepted to my dream school and I couldn't be happier."
- Ariel C. (NSHA, 2011)
+300 SAT points

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get results

“...A-list was there for us every step of the way. The tutoring was innovative and motivating, and my daughter's tutor thoroughly prepared her for each section of the exam. His personality and work style matched hers perfectly, and no doubt, her scores were terrific because of his tutoring.”
- Mother of Isabel D. (Ramaz High School, 2013) +310 points
Barnard College, 2017

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professional development

"...There is a need for the type of program you have developed to be made available to every child regardless of income. This is why I have brought A-List into school districts I have been fortunate enough to lead: to train our teachers and provide the support necessary to improve our students’ scores.”
- Dr. James J. Montesano
Superintendent, Nyack Public Schools

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a level playing field

"A-List was engaging and substantive for our students. Each week our Dreamers were completely immersed in the class's content...The sessions were poignant, enjoyable, and challenging and exactly what I had hoped for my Dreamers.”
- Marvin Cabrera
Director, "I Have A Dream" Foundation (NYC Metro Area)

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truth in numbers

“My tutor was one of the most eloquent, professional, insightful and motivating teachers I’ve ever had...From their included weekly practice tests to their useful techniques, there is truly no where else to go. Thanks for everything!”
- Cameron W. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2012) +390 points
Brandeis University, 2016

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Passionate educators with a distinctive and personal approach to academics.

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