Mishi Castroverde

Senior Tutor, New York
Columbia University (BA)
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT, SAT Math I/II Subject Tests, Literature Subject Test, College Essays

Mishi is originally from Memphis, TN where she grew up surrounded by books. Her incessant reading fostered a love of learning early on that would later evolve into an obsession. Eager to share her love of learning with others during high school, Mishi became a tutor for “Young Women Striving for Excellence,” a program aimed at serving underprivileged Memphis youth through one-on-one tutoring in various subjects. Mishi also worked as a private Algebra and Calculus tutor for high school and college students while attending Columbia University in New York City. In addition to her tutoring experience, Mishi is a proud grammar and math nerd. She is often referred to as a member of the “Grammar Police” and once won an award for “calculus enthusiasm.” (The time she dressed up as Sir Isaac Newton probably has a bit to do with the latter distinction.) You can find some of Mishi’s homemade logic puzzles hidden in her choreography, which can be found at www.mishiDance.com.