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“Dory Schultz was a fantastic tutor! We wanted to approach the test well-prepared but not stressed-out. Dory was able to work with our daughter and achieve just that. In fact, we were so satisfied with her ACT scores the first time, she didn’t even need to retake them. She was the first student from her high school to be accepted in to college, and she has received 3 scholarships based on her academic and test scores. Thank you, Dory!”

Parent of Melanie S. (Dwight School, 2017)


I think A-List is a great organization. I was fortunate enough to have Mishi Castroverde as my tutor. I definitely recommend her to any student studying for the ACT. She made learning each subject fun and presented new topics in an engaging fashion.

-Gabriel B. (Fieldston, 2016) +9 ACT points

We were extremely happy with A-List. My son’s tutor, Mishi Castroverde, helped him raise his score by 6 points to a 34. We are thrilled and would highly recommend Mishi. Thank you Mishi and thank you A-list!

-Mother of Adam B. (LaGuardia, 2016) +6 ACT points

A-list made what I thought was the unimaginable possible. Without A-List I don’t know how I would have gotten the score I recieved. My tutor, Mishi, really helped and we worked very well together. She really knows how to teach the material in a way that I could learn best. The books were also very clear and easy to comprehend. I already recommended A-List to people taking the ACT next year!

Emuna K. (SAR Academy, 2015) +6 ACT points

I finally got a score I was happy with – all thanks to Sherwyn and A-list!!!

-Lauren S. (Trevor Day, 2016) +330 SAT points

I have been working with Azusa for a few weeks now and she has helped me improve from a 27 to a 30 on the ACT in a matter of just those few weeks (and we are hoping to get that score up even more!). I can always text her and ask her if I have a quick question about one of the practice problems and she always finds time to meet with me. I am extremely glad to have her as my tutor!

Paula K. (Dwight School, 2016) +3 ACT points

With the help of A-List and my tutor Clay, I miraculously improved my ACT score by over ten points and was accepted into my first choice college. A-List tutors possess an immense talent to learn their students’ way of thinking and present the information to them in a way that maximizes each student’s personal comprehension. Without the support and teachings from A-List and its tutors, I would not have experienced such great success in the college process.

-Brett S. (Riverdale Country Day, 2015) +8 ACT points Cornell University, Class of 2019

The A-List vocabulary flashcards were really helpful! Clay was a great tutor. I was more than ready for the SAT. I am also now prepared for college because of the organization skills and study habits that I developed while working with Clay. Most importantly, Clay genuinely cares about the success of his students.

-Julia K. (Hunter College High School, 2015) +440 SAT points Cornell University, Class of 2019

We were extremely happy with A-List. My son’s tutor, Mishi Castroverde, helped him raise his score by 6 points to a 34. We are thrilled and would highly recommend Mishi. Thank you Mishi and thank you A-list!

-Adam B. (LaGuardia, 2016) +6 ACT points

Sherwyn helped me to achieve a score that I could have only dreamed of and would not have been able to achieve on my own. With his help, I was able to feel more confident about taking the SAT and his guidance helped me significantly increase my score. He is an all around amazing tutor and you would be very, VERY lucky to have him as a mentor. His influence and teachings have not only impacted my performance on the SAT, but they have also had an impact on me as a student. The work is challenging, but not impossible and Sherwyn really helped me to overcome any obstacles that came my way. I do not think I would have had a better experience with any other tutor or company. A-List provides an all around great program with a plethora of different resources (books, flashcards, tests, etc.) that will help you succeed on the SAT. I will definitely be recommending A-List and Sherwyn to all of my friends.

Nadia B. (The Beacon School, 2015) +410 SAT points
“A-List provided an extremely informative and helpful workbook, vocabulary cards, and multiple practice tests. The book written by A-List had helpful tips and tricks for approaching the various problems on the SAT. The practice tests were held in real, test-like conditions which helped me feel thoroughly ready for the actual SAT. My tutor, Clay Glad, was highly professional, very encouraging and patient. He always gave me new ways to approach the problems I needed help on. He was able to determine which areas I needed to work on and how best to improve. Clay paced my studies so that I never burned out or became discouraged, and went into the test confident and prepared to do my best. Each of our meetings was filled from start to finish with exactly what I needed. Overall, A-List and Clay helped me to improve my SAT score substantially and reach my goal.”

-Eva E. (Midwood, 2015) +270 SAT points

University of Texas- Austin, Class of 2019

“My experience with my tutor, Mishi, was wonderful and I feel very fortunate to have had her as my tutor. She made the strenuous standardized testing experience and college application process more comfortable. When we worked on the ACT together, she focused on my weaknesses and tried to find the strategies that were best suited for me. I ended up improving my scores on the sections that I struggled in most and received scores that I never thought I would receive. After the ACT, we worked on my college supplemental essays together. The essays turned out to be creative and outstanding. Mishi tried her hardest to help me bring out my full potential and passion through words and worked with me to make each and every essay perfect. I’m grateful to have met Mishi and to have worked with her. I would be totally lost without her. She is very helpful, supportive, and easy to talk to. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor.

-Sabrina Y. (Manhasset, 2015) +7 ACT points

Scott Farber is a remarkable educator and person. Beyond his vast knowledge of the college testing and application process, Scott has an ease and enthusiasm that enables him to quickly connect with and inspire his students to achieve their maximum potential. Ever wise, witty and measured in his approach, Scott masterfully guided us through every aspect of the college prep/application process and was instrumental in helping Adam get into his dream college. A-List more than delivered, it exceeded expectations!”

-Mother of Adam S. (Bronx Science, 2015) +390 SAT points Accepted to Duke University, Class of 2019″

One day I found the A-List brochure somewhere and I was hoping the fact that it had the nicest layout with the most satisfactory reviews would say something. And it sure did. I was recommended to work with John Hardin, a graduate from NYU pursuing a career in theater. He seemed relatable and compatible, and within the first day we already became close friends. More importantly though, John turned out to be one of the brightest young men I’ve met to this day, and the experience of working with him for eight months of time could not have been better. From the first practice test I took, I was able to improve every section by at least 100 points by the time, which is an understatement of how well John taught the SAT to me. Not only can he get a perfect composite score with his eyes closed, but he knows how to teach the test in a way that helps you strategically approach it as opposed to worrying about every question. That approach made me do as well as I did, and was able to get into my top school. Highly recommended!

-Maurice R. (Columbia Prep, 2015) +260 SAT points George Washington University, Class of 2019

Mishi Castroverde was a great tutor. She was extremely friendly and she dedicated a lot of her time to pin pointing the exact skills that I needed the most help on. She pushed me to succeed and I increased 240 points on the SAT in less than 3 months! I would recommend her to anyone going through the SAT or ACT process because she is very friendly and supportive and definitely experienced.

Niki E. (Dwight School, 2015) +240 SAT points

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with A-List! In addition to helping me improve my SAT score by 160 points (prior to working with A-List I achieved a 2130 on my first try and was able to score a 2290 the second time around), my ACT score by 4 points (from a 30 to a 34), and my Math 2 subject test score by 80 points (from a 710 the first time to a 790 the second), A-List was so supportive and helpful through every aspect of the stressful college admissions process. I got into my dream school, and A-List played an integral part of the achievement! Scott, Rachel, Noah, and Erin are spectacular tutors! Furthermore, Scott was such an amazing help for writing both the personal and supplemental essays, and has always been so encouraging and positive! All of my tutors are such a great influences, and I am so grateful to all of them! Also, being able to take ample practice tests in a classroom setting much like that of the actual SAT/ACT helped me gain much more test-taking confidence and made me feel very comfortable when it came time to take the real thing. Thank you so much for everything!

-Kanishka K. (Sacred Heart, 2014) +440 SAT points Columbia University, Class of 2018

Chris was an excellent tutor, and his personality and style was just what my son needed.

-Father of Noam T. (Ramaz, 2014) +470 SAT points

It would be impossible to overstate the enthusiasm, energy, and intelligence that Scott brought to preparing Rebecca to clear the hurdles of getting into college. The blend of true concern for learning and a shrewd and thorough knowledge of the machinery of college admission practices proved invaluable. And it’s no small thing that even after the longest school day, Rebecca looked forward to working with him.

Father of Rebecca S. (Calhoun, 2014) +440 SAT points

I thought Clay Glad was great because he pushed me to want more and do better. I will attend GW and a big reason is because of Clay, so I thank A-list for that.

-Steven A. (Heschel, 2014) +420 SAT points, George Washington University, Class of 2018

We had a conflict arise with our tutors, and it was dealt with very quickly and professionally to our satisfaction. I am very happy with the scores I got, and will recommend A-List to my friends.

-Corey B. (Stuyvesant, 2014) +330 SAT points

My tutor named Regina was matched perfectly to my personality; very easy going and extremely helpful. We covered all topics and any areas that i was not confident in / needed more help in. The A-List Blue Book was a great prep book that reflected the SAT. I felt that after my tutoring, I learned a lot and got more confidence in improving my SAT scores and achieving a score that was close to my goal. I highly recommend my tutor and this company. I am very happy with my experience.

-Jackie R. (St. Vincent Ferrer High School, 2014) +220 SAT points

Clay was one of the most eloquent, professional, insightful and motivating teachers I’ve ever had. A true intellectual in every sense of the term he makes you feel lucky he became a SAT tutor. My experience at A-List was superb. From their included weekly practice tests to their devastatingly useful techniques there is truly no where else to go. Thanks for everything Clay!

Cameron W. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2012) +390 SAT points

Scott was the greatest tutor and one of the best friends i could have asked for. He helped me overcome my struggles and surpass what we thought wasn’t possible. I enjoyed every time I worked with him as he helped me significantly, not only with my SAT scores, but with my writing. He helped me with my letters and essays to colleges and made an impact in helping me get into the school I wanted to go to. He gave me the push i needed to keep working hard in school. I greatly appreciate everything that he did for me and the experience that I had learning from him.

Taylor F. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2012) +340 SAT points

“My son had the privilege of working with A-list, specifically Scott Farber, in all aspects of his college preparation including SAT tutoring, college selection, and application essays. From the minute we met Scott, we knew we were in great hands; we whole heartedly believed in him and his passion for education and felt confident that our son would reach his potential under his guidance. Scott has tremendous dedication to his students and we experienced this with every session that he worked with Taylor. Scott has an easy going but disciplined manner that clicked with Taylor. Taylor wasn’t the most consistent student and it wasn’t always easy, but Taylor developed a very good rapport with Scott. Taylor respected him and learned to follow his directions.

Taylor worked diligently over the course of the year and his final SAT scores reflected that hard work, increasing well over 400 total points. In fact, I would have written earlier to talk about our incredible experience with A-list but I wanted to wait until Taylor received his acceptances for college…and there were many, including Taylor’s first choice, University of Denver. More than the patience and help that A-list provided was the compassion and personal attention given to Taylor. Scott went above and beyond the role of tutor…he became Taylor’s counselor, his guide, his mentor and a tremendous support. I remember one specific instance, the evening before Taylor’s first SAT, when Scott came to our house to give Taylor a pep talk and brief him on what to expect.

We now look at Scott as part of our family… his interest and care were so incredibly sincere and surpassed all that we expected from the company. We have two more years to wait until we begin working again with Scott with our younger son.

-Mother of Taylor F. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2012) +340 SAT points “

“My experience with A-List was clearly very successful. In just a couple of months, I improved my SAT score 200 points. On my PSAT I did not have a 700 in any section. I received a 700+ in all three sections on the real SAT, and achieved this without having to take the test multiple times. The work I was assigned was very manageable, and all seemed necessary. My favorite material was the vocabulary box. It was easy to use, and the words constantly appeared on the SATs. It also helped improve my writing and reading skills outside of the SAT as the words greatly improved my vocabulary. My tutor, Clay, was clear and interesting. My sessions with him were not boring–I found that by the end of each meeting I had improved many of my test-taking skills and had learned some strange facts that I never would have thought of previously. A-List put me in a great position as I continue my college search. Thank you!”

-Guy D. (Trevor Day School, 2012) +200 points

Working with A-List helped me to realize my potential in standardized testing, and gave me the confidence I needed for the college process and the future. Instead of being tutored for a single test, A-List taught me skills that have tremendously improved my comprehension, writing and general intelligence. I give A-List an A+!

-Alex B. (Fieldston, 2011) + 420 SAT points

When I first started at A-List, I was getting less than desirable scores on my SATs, but with the help of my A-List tutor I was able to raise my composite score 200 points! At each meeting, we went through exercises in the Book of Knowledge” and countless practice tests to help identify my weaknesses and concentrate on eliminating them. Not only was my A-List tutor, Scott Farber, extremely helpful and personally attuned to me, but he was also the coolest guy, and we are still in touch today.”

Adrian S. (Fieldston, 2011) + 280 SAT points

A-List truly was a great tutoring service. Scott, my tutor, was incredibly helpful. He took time to know my personality, know my learning style, and my work habits, and developed a personalized plan for improving my score. He was funny and amiable, but still encouraged me to do my work. I felt like I didn’t have” to do SAT practice work for him… I wanted to. I am very pleased with Scott and the A-List crew. Thanks for the great experience!”

-Max W. (Columbia Prep, 2011) +260 SAT points

“Above all, A-list teaches the SAT. Books provide practice, other tutors teach elaborate strategies, but if you want honest, straightforward help that will help you reach your full potential on the SAT, choose A-list!”

-Daniel L. (Browning School, 2010) +370 SAT points

“I was completely satisfied with my experience at A-List. Clay was not only an excellent tutor but a source of advice and interesting conversation. By learning the proper way to approach the SATS I was able to greatly improve my score. I would strongly suggest A-List to anyone who seeks to improve their test taking skills.”

-Elias B. (James Baldwin, 2010) +290 SAT points

“Above all, A-list teaches the SAT. Books provide practice, other tutors teach elaborate strategies, but if you want honest, straightforward help that will help you reach your full potential on the SAT, choose A-list!”

Daniel L. (Browning School, 2010) +370 SAT points

“I was completely satisfied with my experience at A-List. Clay was not only an excellent tutor but a source of advice and interesting conversation. By learning the proper way to approach the SATS I was able to greatly improve my score. I would strongly suggest A-List to anyone who seeks to improve their test taking skills.”

-Elias B. (James Baldwin, 2010) +290 SAT points

Long Island- North Shore

Heather was so supportive. She’s smart but cool and has a wonderful style; we all think she was awesome. It was a tough love kind of thing- the perfect mix of pressure and kindness. Thanks again!

Mother of Blake D. (Schreiber, 2016) +11 ACT points

My tutor, Veta, made the whole SAT process a lot easier and was there throughout every step of the way. The company efficiency is great and I would recommend A-list to everyone!

Ariana B. (Great Neck North, 2016) +310 SAT points

Working with A-List was really great! I felt that all of the materials I was provided with as well as my tutor, John, really helped to prepare me for every test! My SAT score improved tremendously and this process has really helped me to establish confidence in my own capabilities.

Lizzie V. (Great Neck South, 2016) +500 SAT points

John Hardin is not your average tutor. The reason I say this is because a typical tutor is not someone that you look forward to seeing each week. You usually never text them on the weekends and they rarely stay overtime at a lesson. This is why John was such an amazing teacher. He went above and beyond anything that I expected from a tutor (and I’m not just saying this because my score went up dramatically). His personality paralleled mine perfectly and he was able to adapt to the style of learning that I needed. John not afraid to give me a wake up call when I began to slack and for that I am extremely grateful. Whether it was through text or email, John would always stay in contact with me, offering words of advice before the SAT. He is not only a good tutor, but also a good person. Thank you to A-list and John Hardin for all the help that you have given me!

-David R. (Wheatley, 2016) +450 SAT points

I had a phenomenal experience with A-List and my tutor, Sherwyn. I was very pleased with the outcome of my SAT scores and would not have been as successful without the great tips and support that Sherwyn gave me. He was always positive and tailored the material to my learning style. I also loved having the opportunity to take tests every weekend in a real testing environment at Temple Judea. Thank you so much to A-List and Sherwyn for helping me achieve my personal best!

Lauren G. (Jericho, 2016) + 440 SAT points

A-List was an extremely beneficial resource that helped prepare me for my SATs. I feel confident that my tutor, Heather, contributed greatly to my overall success.

Alexa B. (Roslyn, 2016) +410 SAT points

My experience with A-List was fabulous. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my ACT scores and this would not have been possible without my tutor, Heather Lowe. Heather was always confident in my abilities and has been completely supportive throughout this entire process. She was always available and always answered my text messages regardless of her busy schedule. She always pushed me to do my best and motivated me to work as hard as I could. I never thought that I would have succeeded as much as I did and I could not have asked for a better tutor to help me achieve this success.

Emily R. (Roslyn, 2016) +6 ACT points

To put it simply, Clay was an unbelievable tutor. He understands how to make the most out of each session we spent together, and I can attribute a large portion of my success to his help. He is very good at understanding where people’s weaknesses lie and how to fix them in a way that is both quick and helpful. I would absolutely without hesitation recommend Clay to any friend looking for help on either the SAT or ACT.

Ryan S. (Great Neck South, 2016) +400 SAT points Duke University, Class of 2020

Both my children had an amazing experience with A-List! My daughter, Phoebe had wonderful help for her SAT prep. Heather worked one-to-one and pinpointed all the areas she needed to improve. Steadily, she worked hard to improve her test scores. Taking the practice tests allowed her to gain confidence and learn to manage her time during the tests. Then Anna Marie worked as her counselor to help her write her college essays. She was an amazing guide who helped my daughter focus and streamline her supplements and essays. Applying to college is nerve racking enough, but with Anna Marie’s expertise and calming ways she was always there to support and guide my daughter. Now she will be attending her dream college, Rice University, School of Architecture!

Phoebe C. (Roslyn, 2016) +380 SAT points Rice University, School of Architecture, Class of 2021

Clay Glad was the best tutor I could’ve asked for. He made the material better than easy to understand – he made it fun. I looked forward to my weekly sessions with Clay, and I always ended them with 100% certainty that my score had improved leaps in that one hour. I can’t imagine having anyone besides Clay teach me these things; he is easily one of, if not the, smartest people I have ever met. Clay became a major role model as well as a tutor in my life. Anyone who gets to work with Clay is very lucky and should know that the standardized test process could not go any better for them.

-Jake G. (Wheatley, 2017) +380 SAT points

I worked with Kyle Nunn as my tutor. He was so great to work with and he really helped me improve on everything. I always enjoyed my sessions with him as we worked hard and also had fun. He is such a great tutor and made this experience so much easier than it could have been. I truly had a great time working with Kyle and highly recommend him to other people studying the SAT/ACT.

Marisa B. (Syosset, 2016) +350 SAT points

Anna Marie Smith and Sherwyn Fullington were both essential in helping my daughter Tori get into her dream school. First, with Sherwyn with his unlimited patience to help Tori reach her potential on her ACT test. Then with Anna Marie, with her insights on Tori’s college essays and application process. Both Anna Marie and Sherwyn helped Tori feel confident and at ease with the sometimes arduous college application process. Honestly, I cannot say enough nice things about Sherwyn, Anna Marie and A-list.

Mother of Tori F. (Schreiber, 2016) +5 ACT points University of Michigan, Class of 2020

I worked with Alyssa Block. She made tutoring a fun experience and helped me with every section of the ACT. Every tip she taught me made a difference in my scores. I would definitely recommend her to my peers in the future.

-Sydney Z. (Syosset, 2016) +260 SAT points

Chris was a phenomenal tutor who did a great job in encouraging me to try my hardest for every test that I took. He taught vital test-taking strategies that prepared me for each test. Right from the start I noticed a significant increase in my scores on the practice tests that I took. With his help, I was ultimately able to achieve my desired scores. Thank you Chris and A-List!

Daniel G. (POB JFK, 2015) +260 SAT points The Ohio State University, Class of 2019

My son Daniel worked with Clay Glad. Clay was able to help Daniel choose between the ACT and SAT and which test would be a better fit for his strengths and weaknesses. He worked with Daniel for the ACT for 8 months. Clay came to our home weekly and gave Daniel practice material and held him accountable for work and showed him the proper strategies to approach the exam. When Daniel did not understand something Clay was patient and explained the work to him. He was always accessible via cell phone and email for questions or other issues. Clay was able to give my son the knowledge and direction and to keep him focused to stay on task and get the needed guidance to learn the proper way to take the ACT. -Mother of Daniel D. (Great Neck South, 2016) +9 ACT points

“Our son, Ryan, started working with Noah this past September prepping him for the PSAT and then subsequent SAT and then ACT exams. Ryan scored a 960 on his PSAT with his final SAT score in May coming in at a 1200, superscore to 1210 (overall 1810). We were thrilled. He also took the ACT in April scoring a 27 – a better score when comparing ACT versus SAT. BUT, he took the ACT in June and scored a 29!!!

Ryan put in a ton of hard work and countless hours but this could not have been without Noah. He was absolutely the perfect tutor for Ryan and for this we wanted to say THANK YOU. Based on his grades and scores his choices of colleges has significantly widened from just 6-months ago. We have a daughter entering 8th grade but we’ll be sure to call you guys soon enough for her.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Parents of Ryan K. (POB JFK, 2016) +300 SAT points +9 ACT points

Mishi helped me improve by four points in just a few months on my ACT once we figured out that the SAT wasn’t for me and the ACT was. Other than that, she was very very helpful with hints and the process and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor!!

Annie T. (Great Neck South, 2016) +4 ACT points

I loved having so many opportunities to take practice exams. I never felt as though I would run out of things to study, which was comforting. I think you guys have a really effective system. I also LOVED my tutor, Mishi. She really understood the way that I learned personally and was able to use that insight to help me grow past what I thought I was capable of. I actually found myself looking forward to our sessions, and in the end, I reached a higher score than I had ever anticipated. She had so much faith in me and really helped me to harness my own self confidence.

Samantha G. (Roslyn, 2016) +4 ACT points

Azuza was a great tutor for both my son and daughter. She helped prepare them for both the SAT and ACT. She was able to show them the best way to approach and answer questions. Azuza was dedicated and enthusiastic which made the whole process easier. Then they could take a full length practice test on almost every weekend. I would recommend A-List to any one.

Mother of Julia & Zubin K. (Portledge, 2015 & 2016) + 2 & 4 ACT points

I am beyond satisfied with my tutor, Veta, and with A-list in general. My tutor tutored both me and my friend, and she helped us both increase our score significantly. Whenever we struggled with any specific kind of question, she would give us drills that we found really helpful. She really was there for us through thick and thin, and stayed patient with us when we weren’t even patient with ourselves.

-Maya A. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2016) +1 ACT point

Veta Greenstone is such a great tutor! She very much prepared me for the test.

Alon L. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2016) +1 ACT point

Anna Marie helped me so much with my personal statement and writing supplements for colleges! She has a great sense of how to approach specific topics, and is very knowledgable about what colleges expect since she also worked in college admissions and is experienced. Many people told me my personal statement was very well written, and she taught me how to write a more concise and comprehensive essay, while still being eloquent and showing colleges personality and originality.

Ramsha A. (Syosset, 2015) Accepted into Drexel University Accelerated 7 year JD Program

Mishi was a wonderful tutor for my son. She totally understood him as a student and pushed him in the right direction. Mishi also gave good advice about test taking skills. She was definitely instrumental in helping him to get higher scores.

Mother of Ethan C. (Wheatley, 2015) +470 SAT points

I had a wonderful experience working with my tutor, Jacqui. She was encouraging me, before and after each test and kept me focused and engaged. After working with Jacqui, I noticed an improvement in my score- up 200+ points from my first SAT test score. Thank you Jacqui and A-List!

-Blake H. (Wheatley, 2015) +470 SAT points

I really needed to improve my SAT scores and didn’t think that was possible. Once I started working with my tutor, Azusa I realized that I actually had a chance to get a great score. She pushed me and taught me everything I needed to succeed and it really helped in the long run. My A-List experience was critical to the improvement I saw in my scores. I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling to bring up there scores, or just someone who feels like they can achieve more.

-Reid K. (Wheatley, 2015) +420 SAT points

I had John Hardin as my tutor and I found him to be very helpful in regards to the ACT/SAT. I found that I had just the right amount of homework each week, and whenever I was having trouble with a problem he was always available to teach it to me. My score went up over 300 points on the SAT with the help of John.

Sarah Z. (Portledge School, 2015) +410 SAT points SUNY Oneonta, Class of 2019

We were very pleased with our tutor, Azusa. She worked so well with my son and really motivated him to study hard. She knew exactly what he needed to focus on and made sure he did what he needed to do. I have another child who will be going through the process in a few years. We will definitely be calling on Azusa to help us again.

Mother of Jacob S. (NSHA, 2015) +8 ACT points

Our son had the good fortune of being tutored by Chris V. He was a true professional who kept our son engaged through the process by being approachable and relevant. Chris was also very accommodating with working around our schedules. And most importantly our son, Peter, showed improvement with every practice test resulting with acceptance to every college he applied to, and ultimately choosing Loyola MD. Thanks for everything! Well worth the investment.

Mother of Peter G. (Kellenberg, 2015) +380 SAT points Loyola University Maryland, Class of 2019

Chris was our tutor and he did an amazing job with helping out our son, Peter. Chris is a very intelligent young man and is a great communicator and motivator. Always on time and if he was late he would always call ahead. I would strongly recommend Chris to a family member or friend. Our son Peter will be attending Loyola University in Maryland and received a nice scholarship from Loyola. He also was accepted at Sienna, Sacred Heart, Post, and is still wait listed at Villanova. Which, if he gets accepted we probably will encourage him to attend Villanova.

Father of Peter G. (Kellenberg, 2015) +380 SAT points Loyola University Maryland, Class of 2019

“A-List is extremely organized and current on knowing how to assess a student. The tutors are very knowledgeable and know how to zero in on what a student needs. We worked with Kyle and he was great. He was on time, prepared, and really helped our son with the ACT. A-List materials were great to work with, there was a ton of practice tests, etc. We loved the concept of the testing site. Every week our son would go and sit for an exam in a testing environment. We think it really helps students understand how the whole art of testing works.

Scott Farber, who is president of A-List was truly amazing. We had encountered a situation with our son, and we had reached out to him for help. With out missing a beat he stepped right in and helped. His passion for learning and for wanting kids to be their best is truly a gift. He is an extremely busy man, traveling around the country and the world, but through today’s technology, found time every week to help our son. There are no words for how much we appreciate all the help he gave. The payoff is that our son increased his ACT score by 7 points! That is unheard of!!! Thank you A-List for all of your help and helping our son reach his goal!!!

Parents of Aaron S. (Syosset, 2015) +7 ACT points”

“I was able to use the techniques you taught me to score a 2350 composite. This enabled me to become a National Merit Finalist, and go on to win a National Merit Scholarship.

I will be attending The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania this fall. My success with college applications did not end there, however. I was accepted to a myriad of other great schools, including Northwestern, Duke, Vanderbilt, Michigan, and Emory with a scholarship.

I recently took my AP English Literature & Composition exam. Once again, the reading comp skills I learned with you were able to help me, perhaps more so than much of what I learned in class this year. All in all, I just wanted to update you and thank you again for all of your help in my testing process. I have concluded that without my tutor, Noah, and A-List, I probably would not be where I am today.

Brandon T. (Roslyn, 2015) +3 ACT points Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

It was a wonderful program. My tutor, John, was very motivating. He helped me organize my time and our time together, to concentrate on the areas I needed most help with and to not waste time on areas I needed little help with, in a very effective way. He quickly learned who I was academically and taught me how to improve that. I improved more than I ever thought I could due to him and the practiced simulation of the actual test, which was also very helpful.

Sophie A. (Kellenberg, 2015) +350 SAT points

Dory was an exceptional tutor. He was patient, positive and encouraging. He found different strategies to help my sons specific needs. He helped him gain confidence not only to take the ACT, but made him more confident academically. The test taking process became less strenuous and anxiety ridden.

Mother of Jace M. (Great Neck North, 2015) +7 ACT points

“I would like to thank A-List Education for helping my daughter with her ACT preparation. To give you some history, my daughter had other tutors with more than 20 years of experience in education. Unfortunately, other tutors, as much as they had the knowledge, and experience, they lacked communication skills. None of them could actually connect with a 17 year old student. Some, actually had put her down for not being able to solve a math problem. This had taken a toll, and she, had lost her confidence in her own ability, and intelligence.

Ms. Heather Lowe started working with my daughter in May of 2014, and immediately connected with her. Ms. Lowe is not only very knowledgeable, and experienced, but also very personable, caring, and thoughtful. She started with giving confidence to her, and emotionally supported her, to the point that she started believing in herself. All throughout these months, Ms. Lowe, answered her text messages, regardless of her busy schedule, and regardless of the fact, that she sometimes only expressed her worries. She could have just taught and left, not answering my daughter’s texts on her off hours, and leaving her in her self-doubt. But she took extra time to talk to her and boost her confidence. I am sure that without such help, it would have been impossible for her to achieve the score she received on her ACT.

I strongly believe that Ms. Lowe is an asset to your institution, and an individual with amazingly rare qualities. I will highly recommend her to all my friends and family.

Mother of Donna N. (Wheatley, 2015) +7 ACT points

I loved working with Sherwyn. He helped me improve my scores immensely and was so much fun to work with!

Katie K. (Wheatley, 2015) +7 ACT points

My experience with A-List was incredible. From the first session I had with Kyle I could tell that he was the right tutor for me. Each week, Kyle was able to teach me something new and the process of learning about and mastering the SAT was very enjoyable. I could not have gotten the score I got without his help and will recommend him to my friends in the future.

Robert M. (Roslyn, 2015) +350 SAT points

I had Clay as a personal tutor. Not only was he extremely helpful in preparing me for the SAT, but he was also invaluable in helping me enhance my college applications. I could always turn to him if I had any quick questions or if I needed advice on a specific issue pertaining to college applications or standardized testing. His candid wisdom and great sense of humor made him extremely relatable and I am glad to have been taught by him. Great job, Clay!

-Andrew J. (Manhasset, 2015) + 330 SAT points Bucknell University, Class of 2019

Clay Glad was a phenomenal SAT tutor and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Sabrina K. (Portledge School, 2015) +270 SAT points University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Class of 2019

My tutor, Chris, really was great. He put just the right amount of pressure on me so I wouldn’t feel overly stressed out. Really a great tutor and a great experience!

Michael S. (Jericho, 2015) +250 SAT points, +6 ACT points Tulane University, Class of 2019

Working with Gary for two years was an unbelievable honor and pleasure. His dedicated attention to everything, kind manner, and confidence boosters all added to my extremely successful testing experience. I wouldn’t change a thing that he did. I loved the practice tests and the A-List prep books. Everything was so helpful and so clear that it made my life extremely easy in a very stressful time. Thank you Gary and all of A-List!

Cameron H. (Friends Academy, 2015) +5 ACT points University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019

Early on in the ACT process I was discouraged by my scores, but with the help of my tutor, John, those thoughts seemed to go away. With his continuous efforts I was able to improve myself in ways that I didn’t even know I could. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the score I got without him.

Josh J. (Wheatley, 2015) +5 ACT points Ohio State University, Class of 2019

Arthur Crumlish was an amazing ACT Tutor. He really went out of his way to make sure my son completely understood each topic no matter how long it took. Arthur is one of the most compassionate tutors I have ever met!

Mother of Sahil A. (Roslyn, 2015) +5 ACT points Columbia University, Class of 2019

SAT scores are often regarded as a make-or-break credential for students when enduring the college application process. Not only does it dictate which schools you apply to, but it also, in many cases, determines the student’s acceptance to a school. Through A-List, I was able to boost my SAT score by 240 points, increasing dramatically in each section. It would have to be an understatement to say that A-List gave me a very bright future! Thank you Kyle and A-List!

Daniel W. (Syosset, 2015) +240 SAT points Emory University, Class of 2019

My experience with Arthur was fantastic. The way he reviews practice exams is extremely succinct and clear. After reviewing multiple exams with him , I began to understand the structure of the ACT. This understanding allowed me to succeed on the ACT.

Sahil A. (Roslyn, 2015) + 5 ACT points Columbia University, Class of 2019

Our tutor, Azusa, was outstanding. Not only did she get to know Zoe’s specific needs and then provide the right strategies for improvement, she also knew just how to encourage and push Zoe to get to where she needed to be. Azusa was always on time, and very flexible in allowing us to change the schedule when necessary. Everyone at A-List was helpful. They provided us with many practice tests (even when it seemed like we had used up all the ones we had), which was vital in continuing to get the scores up.

Father of Zoe V. (Manhasset, 2015) +220 SAT points

I just wanted to say thank you to Sherwyn for the wonderful job you did in coaching both my son and daughter during there ACT preparation. We appreciate you providing great insights into problem analysis, time management and strategies for eliminating responses that may be wrong in answering multiple choice questions. They both improved their scores and this came about because of your assistance and coaching. Both ended up with a 33 and 34 respectively on ACT, were accepted to the colleges of their choice and received merit scholarship funds. They will both tell you that Sherwyn’s tutoring was instrumental in providing the framework, technique and knowledge to achieve their testing goals. You truly made a difference in their lives! Thank you!

Mother of Reed K. (Schreiber, 2013) +2 ACT points & Olivia K. (Schreiber, 2015) +5 ACT points

For SAT preparation, A-List came highly recommended from a friend. My son began his sessions with a wonderful tutor, Heather, who was thorough, punctual, and diligent. During the first few sessions she instilled the basics of the SAT, encouraged him to work hard, and taught him test-taking strategies. Then they would thoroughly go over practice tests. With her help and guidance my son was able to significantly improve his test scores. I am very excited to use Heather again for my daughter’s preparation for the SAT. I highly recommend A-list and its tutors.

Mother of Trevor C. (Roslyn, 2015) +210 SAT points

My son had taken some SAT courses. The tutoring was less time-consuming and more effective. His score increased 100 points from March to May after about 6 tutoring sessions. Both my son and I liked Mishi’s style. She held his attention and was able to explain things clearly to him in a way that he understood. She focused on his weaknesses. I will definitely request Mishi for my daughter.

Mother of Matthew C. (Manhasset, 2015) +120 SAT points Wake Forest University, Class of 2019

I loved working with my tutor Mishi. She was very helpful, motivating, and understanding.

Caitlyn K. (Manhasset, 2015) +3 ACT points

I had a great experience with Clay Glad, and taking tests at the A-List testing center.

-Eshawn S. (Herricks, 2015) +140 SAT points Northwestern University, Class of 2019

“My two children, being two years apart academically, both utilized A-list’s tutoring services to help improve their SAT scores. A-list as a company has always been very professional while still giving us the personalized and caring attention we hoped for. We were recommended to contact A list by my sister who also has two children that thrived from the company’s tutoring expertise. Let’s just say A-list is a family favorite when it comes to tutoring.

Both my children had wonderful and positive experiences with the tutors that A-List chose for them. The staff took the time to ask questions and learn about each child’s individual needs so they could be paired with a tutor that would help them reach their highest potential.

I would also like to specifically thank Chris Viemeister for being an outstanding tutor to my son Chase. He not only helped Chase to stay focused on his studying but he also encouraged him to always strive for more. Chris was always punctual, personable and a pleasure to have in our home. Chris would engage Chase in conversation to find out what Chase’s interests were and they would often talk about what colleges Chase might be interested in so they could determine where Chase’s scores would need to be to achieve his goals.

Thank you again to Chris and A-List for providing such a positive experience and for putting our concerns at ease during what is an intense and stressful time in a student’s academic career.

Mother of Chase B. (Syosset, 2014) +390 SAT points”

We were very pleased with A-List’s tutoring work with our daughter this summer and would highly recommend their services. Our 17-year daughter missed much of the last school year because of an illness, falling behind academically. She also has ADHD, which exacerbated the problem. Before returning to school this fall, we worked with A-List to design a custom, five week program to tutor her in English, History, Science and Math. The idea was to assess her skills in these areas, help her catch up with concepts she had missed, work with her on study skills, and give her a good base of understanding in these areas to help to return to school. The program exceeded our expectations – highly dedicated tutors, a tailored curriculum, excellent communication with us over the course of the five weeks and detailed reporting on her performance in the program – including areas of improvement – that we shared with her new school. Our daughter left the program with a much improved base of knowledge and better study skills, but more importantly, much greater confidence in her academic abilities and potential. She is well prepared for the new school year. And we are very appreciative of A-List’s help and support.

The S Family

A-List is a very effective, first-class organization. They deliver what they promise. I have triplets that were tutored together. Our tutor, Noah Feder, was terrific! He had the enthusiasm to keep them all focused and the stamina to keep it going for extra-long sessions. My children could not have improved their test scores so dramatically without Noah; i.e. increases of 520, 320, and 410 points. The icing on the cake” is that one of my children actually got an 800 on the math section!”

Father of Jake, Lisa, and Jon R. (Plainview, 2014) +520, 410, and 320 SAT points

Arthur was amazing! He believed in Brittany and was by her side through the whole process. I recommend you to all my friends. Thanks for everything!

Mother of Brittany B. (Wheatley, 2014) +9 ACT points

John Oh was the most amazing tutor. Without him and the A-List tutoring practice tests there is no way I would have been as successful as I was. John Oh always found a way to make studying fun. In addition, being able to take a practice test every week was very helpful. Without practicing weekly, I would never have been as prepared to test.

Paris K. (Roslyn, 2014) +8 ACT points

A-List was very helpful in preparing me for the SAT. My tutor, Clay, encouraged me to study hard and to take the weekly exams to improve my score. All the materials my tutor gave me, the Book of Knowledge and the vocabulary cards, were helpful. I highly recommend A-List.

Zachary B. (Roslyn, 2014) +460 SAT points

When I first started taking the SATs I was definitely scoring below my potential. With the help of Scott Farber from A-List I saw drastic improvements. The organization of the A-List test booklet along with continual motivation from Scott to keep working and not procrastinate allowed me to reach my potential. I would definitely recommend A-List to any of my friends or family taking any standardized testing. -Josh W. (Roslyn, 2014) +450 SAT points Emory University, Class of 2017

Our tutor was Gary. He was smart and encouraging…the perfect fit…

Mother of Carley T. (Portledge, 2014) +440 SAT points

Mishi was awesome! I enjoyed working with her because she was very positive and kept me motivated!

Ashley K. (Jericho, 2014) +10 ACT points

Our son Adam had a great experience working with Sherwyn. He provided Adam with great studying techniques and test taking strategies. Sherwyn not only boosted Adam’s self-confidence but also his scores! Adam couldn’t have done it without him!

Mother of Adam R. (Schreiber, 2014) +440 SAT points

Both my son and daughter used John Oh at A-List and their scores exceeded all expectations. His tutoring style had my children looking forward to each session with him. I have and will continue to recommend your company!!!! Now, if you can just convince my kids to go to dental school, I’ll be really impressed!!!!

Father of Paris K. (Roslyn, 2014) +8 ACT points

What can we say but thank you!

Mother of Alexandra L. (Schreiber, 2014) +440 SAT points

I had a great experience with my tutor, Mishi. While we meet late in the day, after I am done with sports practice and games, she always arrives full of energy and ready to tackle the material. I find that after a long day, working with a high-energy tutor like Mishi makes me more willing to sit down and focus on the ACT material. She was equally strong reviewing all of the ACT sections with me. Due to Mishi, I saw a significant improvement in my test scores. Mishi was also always available through text and email to address any questions that I had. Even while on vacation, she responed to my emails without any delays. I would strongly recommend Mishi and A-list.

-Kellen D. (Manhasset, 2014) +8 ACT points

The techniques and tricks that I learned from John Oh were unmatched. Between the tutoring sessions and practice tests on the weekends, I was prepared to succeed for the SAT. The free tests helped greatly and are essential to one’s success on the real test.

Owen R. (Chaminade, 2014) +430 SAT points Brown University, Class of 2018

I would absolutely, without a doubt in my mind, recommend A-list and my tutor, Kyle, to anyone who is studying for the SATs. Every single week I met with Kyle I improved my scores on the practice tests, and he made each tutoring session enjoyable. I really looked forward to each session with Kyle.  He knew how to make SAT studying enjoyable, while helping me improve my ability at the same time. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor than him.

Jacob D. (Wheatley, 2014) +410 SAT points

Gary Surman is not only a fantastic tutor, but the most kind and patient educator I have ever had the privilege to meet and work with. Gary makes the SAT/ACT process into an easy one with common sense approaches and humor. I could not have been more glad to have worked with Gary, as he not only improved my score tremendously, but also got me to become a better, more efficient critical thinker. If you ever have the chance to work with or even speak with Gary, you will realize the immense amount of consistent effort and care that transcends the typical tutor to student interaction. I cannot thank A-List enough for matching me with such an amazing tutor, but more importantly, such an amazing person in Gary Surman.

-Michael S. (Jericho, 2014) +400 SAT points

Clay and A-List made preparing for the SAT’s manageable, personal, and enjoyable. Clay quickly identified areas where I needed to improve and guided me towards conquering these areas lesson by lesson. The bond that he forged with me made tutoring sessions engaging and one of a kind. I highly attribute my success on the test to Clay and to A List’s practice tests. I would recommend A-List to anyone because their techniques and system can work for every kind of student.

Matthew W. (Wheatley, 2014) +400 SAT points

I had an absolute amazing experience with A-List and my tutor, Mishi. Studying for the ACT isn’t the most thrilling thing to do, but having spent my time with Mishi- a high energy, positive, and extremely motivating tutor- the process was very rewarding. Mishi was easy to connect with and always available for setting up sessions and answering texts/emails with quick questions. If I had to do the process again, I would without a doubt choose Mishi and A-list. I definitley recommend that any student who is looking to make a significant jump in their ACT/SAT scores work with the A-List program.

 –Jacklyn D (Manhasset, 2014) +8 ACT points

I worked with Clay for a long time. If I ever had a question, or a problem, he was always there to help me. He was calming in times of distress and often helped increase my confidence. I have and will continue to highly recommend Clay to anyone in search of excellent SAT prep. Thanks so much for everything.

Sherry S. (NSHA, 2014) +380 SAT points

Sherwyn was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was motivational as well as personable. He worked with my daughter and helped her to achieve a score within the range she needed to be. She only excelled from the time she began working with him until the end.

-Mother of Danielle J. (Wheatley, 2014) +370 SAT points

This is my family’s second experience with A-List. My younger daughter has been working with Azusa since August. Azusa instantly connected with her and approached the test preparation process with intelligence and insight. She really took the time to get to know my daughter, her strengths and weaknesses, and crafted an approach specific to her learning style. My daughter actually looks forward to her tutoring sessions because she enjoys working with Azusa so much. Although her initial scores were very good, Azusa helped her increase her confidence and test taking techniques to improve her scores to an even higher level. Azusa was also amazing during the hurricane, making every effort to ensure that no sessions were missed and keeping in touch with us. Azusa is dedicated and enthusiastic and really a delight to work with. We were very pleased with A-List with our older daughter and this experience has even been better. I have recommended A-List to my friends and family because of their professional and knowledgeable approach to the testing process.

-Mother of Kara K. (Great Neck South, 2014)

Andrew Parrish was a great ACT tutor. He helped me in every section and always arrived to our appointments on time. I could safely say that A-List helped me boost my ACT score!

-Ron B. (Roslyn, 2014) +7 ACT points

I very much enjoyed working with Mishi. She made a difficult process less stressful.

Nicole L. (Roslyn, 2014) +480 SAT points

Andrew was really helpful, encouraging, and reassuring.

Brandon N. (Wheatley, 2014) +360 SAT points

Desiree was perfect for both my kids and a pleasure to be around. Hold on to her!

-Mother of Priyanka N. (Schreiber, 2014) +350 SAT points

I should start off saying that my husband was against hiring a private tutor. He felt it was a waste money. I was a bit uneasy at first not knowing really what to expect and that my husband didn’t want to go this route. Alexa is my oldest and I wanted her to work with somebody she could relate to and felt that a private tutor could focus solely on her needs. After interviewing two others from A-list, I met Mishi Castroverde. I knew immediately that she was the one for Alexa. Alexa was away at camp when I signed up with Mishi. I knew in my gut that she was perfect and Alexa would love her. I cannot say enough about working with Mishi. She is absolutely wonderful! She is patient and understanding and knew exactly how to push Alexa to achieve the score she wanted. She just has that way about her- so easygoing and honest. She is an amazing tutor and I would highly recommend her. I thought the materials and the testing schedule were all terrific. I would recommend A-List to all of my friends. Now that the test is over my husband agrees that I made the right choice.

Mother of Alexa G. (Roslyn, 2014) +350 SAT points

A-List improved my son’s ACT score by 5 points. The combination of A-List’s superior instruction and weekly tests reviewed with the tutor were the keys to the improved score. Scott did not just teach to the test – he taught skills and provided guidance that he will use in college and beyond.

-Mother of Danny G. (Roslyn, 2014) +5 ACT points

My tutor Desiree Burch not only helped me understand and feel more comfortable with the material on the SAT, but she also boosted my self-confidence and motivated me to do better each time I took a practice test. She was very encouraging, and that in addition to her superior teaching skills are what helped me to reach my goal score on the SAT. I’m not sure I would’ve had the final score that I do now without Desiree, and I am extremely grateful for the time and effort she put into working with me.

-Priyanka N. (Schreiber, 2014) +350 SAT points

Desiree Burch was the tutor who worked with my children over the past two years. She is wonderful, assessing exactly what’s needed and tailoring her approach to the particular child. Desiree’s upbeat and can-do attitude inspired their confidence in themselves and she was exactly what they needed to realize their potential. THANK YOU, Desiree.

-Mother of Priyanka N. (Schreiber, 2014) +350 SAT points

A-List was a pleasure to work with. Mishi was amazing! She is like family at this point. Mishi was a perfect fit for Alexa. She helped her reach beyond her goal. What more can you ask for? I have recommended A-List to many people, and I would definitely work with them again.

-Mother of Alexa G. (Roslyn, 2014) +350 SAT points

My tutor, James, was fantastic. I learned so much from him and was able to use the information he taught me to further improve my test taking abilities in more fields than just the SAT and ACT. His tactics provided me with ways to study vocabulary words for not just English, but also Spanish and Chemistry. The testing schedule was very accommodating because of the frequent amount of practice exams and varied locations. I know my younger sister will be using A-List to help her prepare for the exams as well!

Zachary T. (Great Neck South, 2014) +340 SAT points

My daughter’s tutor was Nick. He worked with Jamie for about a year. They got along very well from the very beginning. Nick has a great sense of humor and personality. He motivated Jamie and made whatever work they were doing more interesting. He did a great job preparing Jamie for the SAT exam. He taught my daughter strategies which she would later use. Nick took great care in explaining things to her. She always felt comfortable asking him questions, which is a very important. I would highly recommend Nick as a tutor! A-List is lucky to have him working for them! –

Mother of Jamie Z. (Syosset, 2014) +320 SAT points

John Oh was amazing with Matthew. He has patience, yet his strength, strictness and organization got Matthew to the place he needed to be. We will keep John Oh posted about the college acceptances!

Mother of Matthew R. (Roslyn, 2014) +310 SAT points

We have totally recommended to our friends the best thing that has happened to my son! We worked with Scott Farber who went above and beyond for not only my son but his crazy nervous mom! My son had a wonderful relationship with Scott, and Scott was always there to listen to what ups and down any 11th/12 grader could have, that can affect their study habits. Scott and his team helped us in many ways and always pulled through for us. My son’s grade rose each time he took a practice test and the actual test! So much so, that after taking the ACT test once, Scott suggested my son could do better. So my son, who was not thrilled, worked with Scott and took the test again and went form a 27 to 32!!! A-list will be back to work with my other two children!!! They are above and beyond what my friends talked about with their tutors; they helped in every way possible and did some hand holding as well!

-Mother of Jake L. (Portledge, 2014) +5 ACT points

John Oh was an amazing tutor!

-Sara B. (Roslyn, 2014) +320 SAT points Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2018

Mishi was just wonderful. Her guidance and encouragement helped my son succeed with his final try with the ACT. In about 8 weeks he went up 6 points which changed the playing field for college. Both my son and I thought she was fabulous. She’s also a pleasure to work with.

Mother of Chase S. +6 ACT points University of Florida, Class of 2018

John Oh was wonderful! My son looked forward to his visits and his scores improved greatly!

Mother of Jacob P. (Roslyn, 2014) +310 SAT points

Thank goodness for Sherwyn Fullington. He is an amazing teacher and mentor. Not only did he inspire my daughter to work to her fullest potential (not an easy task) but he became her mentor and friend. He told me where he thought her score should ultimately be and that is exactly where her score wound up. If you are lucky enough to have Sherwyn, do everything he tells you to do, trust his judgment and his insight. He is like the ACT/SAT whisperer.

Mother of Danielle E. (Wheatley, 2014) +4 ACT points

Scott was the best. He helped me overcome so much with my tests. I am very satisfied with everything.

Matthew J. (Jericho, 2014) +310 SAT points

We had a wonderful experience with our tutor, Scott Farber. He was awesome with our son. We plan on Scott tutoring our younger son!

Mother of Matthew J. (Jericho, 2014) +310 SAT points

Gary Surman was awesome! He had such a wonderful way of explaining things to Adam, and truly cared that Adam understood each and every concept. If Adam still didn’t understand something after they went over it, Gary would find alternate ways to explain it until Adam totally grasped the concept. I recommended Gary to a friend of mine (who is now using him) and would gladly recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a tutor.

Mother of Adam D. (Garden City, 2014) +300 SAT points

Our son was tutored by John Oh last school year. John was able to make the learning sessions fun and entertaining while getting the work done. He absolutely got our son motivated to work hard and perform at his best. The results speak for themselves, his test scores steadily increased throughout the process and he achieved outstanding results. -Mother of Ian G. (Jericho, 2014) +270 SAT points

Mishi has been a life savior these past few months. Whether she has stayed late helping me with my ACT or emailed me 5 times a day about my college essays, she hasn’t left me hanging. She has never doubted me or discouraged me in any work I have done and has pushed me to do my best. Mishi has done extensive research beyond our sessions to help me make the best decisions. I can’t thank her enough for the time, patience and cooperation she has put into working with me.

-Alex C. (Manhasset, 2014) +3 ACT points

Azusa’s expert problem solving skills and warm demeanor combined to create the perfect storm of learning. She constantly probed and prodded our daughter, Alana, developing and refining strategies for her based on her skill set. Rather than imposing a generic pre-packaged methodology on Alana, she strived to understand how Alana made meaning of the problems she was presented with, and then tailored her sessions to Alana’s strengths, while at the same time seeking to eliminate her weaknesses. All in all, this was a very successful strategy and Alana hit her targets. Of note, Azusa was available to Alana on demand. She was selfless with her time. Thanks, A-List!

Father of Alana W. (Roslyn, 2014) +230 SAT points

What a great experience…I improved my scores and had a great tutor. James helped me to focus on what I needed to improve. As a result, studying was time well spent. Thanks!

-Nicole L. (Garden City, 2014) +220 SAT points

A-list helped me improve immensely. Not only were my tutors, Desiree and Nick, extremely helpful, but the weekly tests also helped me improve my score. -Justin T. (Schreiber, 2014) +6 ACT points

Clay was beyond helpful. When I came to Clay I was simply just taking the test. I had no sense of strategy or skill set to utilize. I was making careless errors frequently and not receiving the scores I knew I could achieve. Clay taught me how to strategize and gave me skills that I could use on every exam to eliminate my careless errors and make test taking easier. Without Clay I would not have been able to bring my test scores to the next level and excel as much as I did.

Jordan F. (Roslyn, 2014) +4 ACT points (for a PERFECT ACT SCORE!) The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018

I couldn’t have asked for a better overall experience with A-List. I was extremely nervous that my scores would not improve to the levels that I would’ve liked, but A-List made sure that I was more than adqeuately prepared for every section of the test. Not only did I learn words which have greatly enhanced my vocabulary, but I have also been able to utilize grammar techniques in all of my college essays. I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to improve my scores by such high amounts through learning strategies to conquer the SAT ‘s tricks, instead of using longer and less efficient methods. I would not be in the ideal position that I am in regarding college without the SAT scores that I received through the help of my exceptional A-List preparation.

-Shoshana R. (Roslyn, 2014) +120 SAT points

For me, taking the SATs was most definitely an uphill battle. However, it was not without the help, guidance and dedication of my tutor James that I was able to end up triumphant, with a score increase of 750 points. James not only taught me the strategies necessary for taking the SATs, but he also transformed the way that I think and learn. The man has a wealth of knowledge unlike anyone I’ve ever met and used this knowledge to go above and beyond for me in our tutoring sessions. Working with James was a pleasure to say the least and I would highly recommend his services.

Hayley S. (Friends, 2013) +750 SAT points

This was our second time using A-list. When Mishi arrived at our door her energy was immediately contagious. We took some time to talk about Ryan’s strengths and weaknesses. With Mishi’s guidance, I watched as my son went from an 14 on his first practice ACT to a 30 composite score on the ONE AND ONLY REAL ACT HE EVER TOOK. We all were shocked, no one more than my son, but Mishi had taken the time to learn where his strengths and weaknesses were, and assigned homework each week accordingly. It was a team effort and SHE WAS AMAZING!!!

Mother of Ryan L. (Roslyn, 2013) +16 ACT points

Mishi was very encouraging and enthusiastic! She really knows her stuff. She helped to raise my score!

Cayla K. (Roslyn, 2013) +560 SAT points

I was very satisfied with A-List. I really connected with my tutor, Sherwyn, and enjoyed all of my sessions. The practice tests offered on Sunday’s were very helpful and conveniently located. Without question the tutoring I had significantly improved my SAT scores. My tutor understood how I studied and geared our lessons to be very effective for me. -Danielle L. (Roslyn, 2013) +500 SAT points

After using another tutor for 2 months, I convinced my mother to try A-List and I had the privilege and honor of working with Courtney Coveney. By the end of the first session, I was convinced that we wasted time and money and found the most incredible tutor I have ever had. I gave Courtney’s name and number to all of my friends from my neighborhood and to relatives in other neighborhoods and I’m sure she is now one of A-List’s most popular tutors!!! Thank you Courtney for all your tips, expertise and support!

Robbie S. (NSHA, 2013) +450 SAT points

My son had an incredible tutoring experience with Courtney Coveney. She is a superb tutor and my son made remarkable strides working with her. She is an excellent motivator, very professional and a joy to work with!

Mother of Robbie S. (NSHA, 2013) +450 SAT points

I cannot say enough about how well A-List prepared me for the SAT. By the time I sat down to take the real thing, I had taken 10 of A-List’s timed, proctored practice tests. I had become so accustomed to the procedure and types of questions that the actual SAT felt routine. I was satisfied with my first score and never had to look or think about the test again. I am not exaggerating when I say that I could not wait for my weekly sessions with Scott. It felt like we were on the same team, trying to defeat the almighty three-letter foe together. I loved learning new, easier, methods for solving problems. My speed on the math section practically doubled. And on the reading section, whereas I had previously run out of time for the entire last passage, after a few sessions with Scott I was finishing with time to spare. The sessions were loose, fun, and immensely helpful. It was an atmosphere more conducive to learning than any classroom I have ever been in. It may seem unfathomable that someone could actually enjoy preparing for the SAT, but that was indeed the case.

-Graham T. (Wheatley, 2013) +420 SAT points Princeton University, Class of 2017

While the SAT can be intimidating for many at first, what my tutor, Scott, gave me was the confidence and reassurance that I was going to improve and reach my goal. The test really does require a different way of thinking, and A-List understands that. I learned from Scott that questions are not always as difficult as they seem–all you have to do is, sometimes, change how you look at them. The tips I learned from the Book of Knowledge were extremely useful for me in all three sections of the test. Several test-taking programs have their own methods and ways to solve problems, but what separates A-List from the rest is the confidence its tutors instill in their students and level of professionalism. Overall, I had a great experience with the company and would highly recommend it to anyone–anyone willing to work.

Scott G. (Roslyn, 2013) +410 SAT points Cornell University, Class of 2017

Having two older sisters, it is safe to say at a young age I was familiar with the grueling SAT/ACT process. I watched both of my sisters go through A-List tutoring with Scott Farber and weirdly enough I was excited to get my turn. Scott not only helped my sisters raise their standardized scores greatly, but it became an event in the household when Scott would come over. The tutors that work with A-List make sure that you’re understanding everything they teach you, so you’re not just memorizing random tips and tricks. With no surprise, Scott and the A-List team became the most important factor in my SAT studying and eventual raised score. I could not be more grateful to them for helping me truly learn the material. Their study methods are effective and can even be entertaining, but most importantly the attitudes and friendliness of tutors at A-List make the entire process wonderful.

Claudia R. (Friends, 2013) +400 SAT points Tulane, Class of 2017

The tutors were excellent and extremely educated and informative. I felt more confident with my studies every week after tutor sessions. My test scores increased tremendously after working with Scott.

Brian G. (Roslyn, 2013) +340 SAT points Syracuse University, Class of 2017

We began our daughter’s junior year of high school with such trepidation about the entire SAT process. A-list was there for us every step of the way. Scott’s tutoring was innovative and motivating, and he thoroughly prepared our daughter for each section of the exam. His personality and work style matched hers perfectly, and no doubt, her scores were terrific because of his tutoring. –Mother of Isabel D. (Ramaz, 2013) +310 SAT points

I believe that Desiree was a phenomenal tutor. From the moment she walked into my house, I knew I was going to have an unforgettable experience working with her. She was able to teach me the material in a fashion that I worked incredibly well with and that showed on my test results. As most kids would dread their weekly appointment with a tutor, I began to look forward to mine because I enjoyed the hour I was able to spend with Desiree. Aside from being extremely comical, she was extremely insightful, helpful and supportive of me throughout my work. Even when we weren’t together, I was able to call or text her about any questions or comments I had with things from practice questions to vocabulary. While some teachers or tutors only tell you the information, Desiree taught me the information. She explained everything thoroughly until the point where she was certain I understood it. The way that A-List organizes the information in the book also assisted the learning experience because it is organized in a method that allows students to master the way of the SAT/ACT in a way that other tutors or programs do not. A-List also made it extremely easy to take practice tests in a test setting by allowing students to come to a testing site and taking one each week.

Ross G. (Roslyn, 2013) +5 ACT Points

I am extremely happy that my son decided to use A-list for his SAT & ACT tutoring. We now have a friend for life in Desiree Burch. My son could not have gone through this process without her. When I heard laughter when this was a stressful time it made me thankful that we made the right choice in a tutor. I hope that everyone has the same amazing experience. Thank you to Desiree for all she has done for my son!

Mother of Ross G. (Roslyn, 2013) +5 ACT Points

Garrett, Larry, and I are extremely satisfied with A-List organization, learning tools and test prep. Our tutor Desiree was absolutely amazing. She was so exuberant, organized and diligent. We have never met a tutor who cared about our child so much and really was in tune with how to motivate him. Garrett learned so much from Desiree, such as grammar, vocabulary ,reading comp, math and science skills and strategies. Her energy was incredible , we know her connection with Garrett made the difference. He improved his reading from a 23 to a 33 , math 27 to a 32 , incredible improvement! Thank you so much Desiree! Thank you A-List!

Parents of Garrett J. (Jericho, 2013) +4 ACT Points

Sherwyn was the best tutor I have ever had. He was able to understand how I was thinking and make the material easier to understand. Thanks for everything.

Sean B. (Garden City, 2012) +390 SAT points

My son, Sean, LOVED working with Sherwyn. He liked him as a tutor and as a person. I think their bond was critical to my son’ s success. Thanks to Sherwyn, Sean is a National Merit Commended student. We won’t miss the testing, but we’ll really miss Sherwyn!

-Mother of Sean B. (Garden City, 2012) +390 SAT points

My experience with A-List was very good. My tutor, Mishi, and I worked really well together and made a lot of progress in my SAT studying in which I showed a huge improvement.

Eden R. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2012) +380 SAT points

I loved my experience with A-List. Working with Scott improved my SAT scores drastically, yet was still a fun experience in which I would look forward to our weekly meetings (however strange that might sound). I couldn’t be more appreciative of all the help that A-List has provided for me, and would strongly recommend A-List to any future SAT or ACT takers!

Evan S. (Roslyn, 2012) +340 SAT points

“A-List was so much more than I expected. Kyle Nunn, my tutor, did everything he could to prepare me for the test. I came in to the tutoring having the worst vocabulary of any junior, and now I sound like a freakin’ genius. Besides improving on vocab, my critical reading shot up by over 150 points, and I scored way higher on math and grammar than i thought I ever would. The service’s weekly Sunday schedule to practice SAT’s is a brilliant addition. Aside from all the learning, I actually didn’t dread having my SAT tutor come over every week, like you usually hear every teenager complain about. Thanks so much to Kyle and A-List for helping me out.”

-Kami C. (Great Neck South, 2012) + 320 SAT points

“Clay Glad was an outstanding tutor. He helped me to understand things about the SATs I thought I’d never be able to get. I was able to reach my goal score the second time I took the test. I felt very prepared thanks to Clay and A-List.”

-Caroline D. (Schreiber, 2012) +300 SAT points

“Lynn was great and helped my score improve greatly. I also thought that the practice tests were very helpful. I would recommend A-List to anyone looking for a great tutor.”

Alyssa M. (Roslyn, 2012) +290 SAT points

“I loved that A-List offered practice tests almost every weekend for both ACT and SAT’s. It was very helpful in preparing for both tests. Also my tutor, Olivia, was great. She was very friendly and really taught me a lot about how to improve my scoring.”

-Ashley S. (Sysosset, 2012) +260 SAT points

Having access to weekly testing for the ACT/SAT helped me score higher on my tests. Sherwyn was a great tutor who encouraged me to keep trying to do better. He was patient, nice and very smart. Sherwyn would work hard to always accommodate my changing schedule.

-Jennifer B. (Wheatley, 2012) +260 SAT points

“Working with Desiree Burch helped me achieve the scores that I wanted. She was able to properly guide me through each section of the SAT while giving helpful hints that were able to boost my score. She was engaging and was able to keep the sessions instructive and interesting. Her optimism definitely contributed to my increased confidence while taking on challenging problems and truly helped raise my scores more than I thought possible.”

Sen N. (Sysosset, 2012) +260 SAT points

My experience with A-List was phenomenal; I was incredibly fortunate to have a tutor as amazing as Clay Glad. After our very first few meetings, he was able to pick up on my strengths and weaknesses. He gave me specific advice tailored to my situation to help me excel on the SAT – tips and strategies that I do not think I could have done without. He was honest and encouraging. He took an interest in more than just my performance on the SAT, regularly inquiring about my extracurriculars and academics. And he remembered everything I had to say. All of this was really important to me. It made me feel more comfortable taking the test. Even after I received my scores, Clay kept in touch – demonstrating his genuine interest in my personal development. My A-List experience was a wonderful gift from my parents that helped me achieve my dream of attending Harvard.

-Maddie S. (Herricks, 2012) +230 SAT points

“A-List paired my daughter Gabrielle with Asuza knowing the potential for a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience – what they didn’t know was the tremendous positive influence she would have on Gabrielle as well. They are both very musically inclined and therefore speak a similar language. Asuza was able to figure out how to present the learning process so that Gabrielle could understand how to problem solve on her own. Not only is she a brilliant teacher, but an inspiring musician and a wonderful role model who we can only hope will still be with A-List for our son when he is ready for the SAT.”

Mother of Gabrielle L. (Great Neck South, 2012) +210 SAT points

“When I began working with my A-List tutor, Julia, I didn’t know much about the SAT. But, during my first session, Julia explained the whole test to me and I also became familiar with how the weekly sessions would work. Julia always catered to my work ethic and encouraged me 100% of the time. By the time I took the test, I was totally prepared. The practice tests given on Sundays were extremely helpful and my tutoring sessions, of course, were the most helpful. Julia also tutored me for the ACT. This time I knew absolutely nothing about the test and once again Julia explained the test to me. She also did plenty of practice problems with me and I also took a few practice tests before the real test. When I took the test, I felt comfortable and I felt like I couldn’t have taken the test without the help of Julia. I could not be more pleased with the help I received from Julia. My experience with A-List could not have been more worth it!”

Juliana D. (Wheatley, 2012) +190 SAT points

“My tutor, Lynn, was very helpful in addressing my test taking weakness and helping me overcome them. My scores went up over 180 points from my PSAT, and I was able to satisfy the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year.”

Jared A. (Schreiber, 2012) +180 SAT points

“John Oh was recommended to us and we were so pleased with our experience. His knowledge and test strategies were extremely helpful. He had a great enthusiasm that motivated my son to practice. Also, using the materials A-list provided proved to bring up the scores on the practice tests which gave him confidence for the actual SAT test. After scoring extremely well on the math section of the SAT, John Oh suggested a colleague, Arthur Crumlish, to work on the reading section. He was awesome. We are so glad to have had the expertise of both these tutors. We will definitely recommend A-list to all of our friends! Thank you!”

-Mother of Alex C. (Chaminade, 2012) +160 SAT points

From the moment I began using A-List, I knew the program was unlike any other. My tutor, Mishi, was great. She taught me multiple strategies on how to solve difficult problems, but most importantly, she taught me to view the questions from different perspectives. The weekly practice tests at the testing centers really improved my score and gave me great experience with the test and its administration. A-List definitely helped me get the score I wanted!

Lauriane P. (Friends, 2012) + 2 ACT points

“After not doing so well on the March SAT, I received help from John Oh, particularly with the math section. From March to June, through John Oh’s incredible guidance, I improved 170 points on the math section of the SAT. Each time John Oh came to tutor me he not only brought with him his extraordinary intelligence, but also an enthusiasm that always motivated me to do my best and work my hardest. I was so pleased by his assistance with the SAT that I even asked him to help me with my college essays. John Oh agreed without hesitation, and from September to December he guided me through this very difficult process. From our meetings, I feel that I have learned to analyze my writing in a more sophisticated way as well as utilize the many techniques John Oh had taught me in order to improve my essays. Having John Oh as my tutor for the amount of time I did was a rewarding experience, and I am grateful to have learned from such a remarkable teacher. I highly recommend John Oh to any student who is hoping to grow as a test-taker, problem solver, and intellectual.”

-Ava C. (Schreiber, 2011) +560 SAT points

“A-List helped me get the SAT score I wanted. From the beginning of the process to the end my score went up 550 points. My tutor, Sherwyn, really helped me understand the SAT and strived for me to achieve the highest SAT score I could get. I looked forward to tutor sessions because I would improve every time and my tutor was very likable.”

Scott A. (Roslyn, 2011) +550 SAT points

“I felt that my experience with A-List was a great one. My tutor was Sherwyn and he helped me out so much. I started off doing horrible, not even close to being satisfied with my score, then after a year with him he helped me score better than what I had expected. He helped me do the unthinkable so I would like to thank him, and all other A-List staff who sat there on the Saturday mornings while we took practices tests. I liked the testing schedule because it offered so many opportunities for practice tests, and without all of those tests I don’t think I would have been able to succeed.”

Zachary M. (Roslyn, 2011) +470 SAT points

“Using A-List was a phenomenal way to prepare for the SAT/ACT. Not only are the tutors intelligent and approachable, but they also cater to each client specifically. The materials provided were truly exceptional, and the use of the test centers acted as crucial resources towards my success. Thanks for everything.”

-Daniel W. (Great Neck North, 2011), +470 SAT points

“Before I met Clay Glad, I was not confident about taking the SAT at all. I was very nervous and thought that I would not receive the scores that I wanted. However, after working with him for some time, my scores rose up and more importantly, my confidence built up. He helped me understand what the SAT really is and how to take it. He also helped me strengthen my reading ability and my use of vocabulary. Each time I took the SAT after working with Clay, I was certain that I would do well. I was elated when I received my scores and was convinced that these scores will help me in the near future. He also helped me get the score I wanted on my Mathematics SAT II. Thanks to Clay, I got into the top college on my list. More importantly, he helped me become a better student and learner. I couldn’t have accomplished my goals without Clay.”

Solomon A. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2011), +470 SAT points

“A-List prepared me for both the SAT and ACT better than I thought imaginable. My tutor Sherwyn was able to make the mundane (a word I learned from studying for the SAT) task of studying for the tests into a fun, enjoyable experience. Without A-List’s Vocab Videos, I don’t know how i would have been able to learn all the vocabulary needed for the test. A-List also prepared me for the actual test very well. By the time the February SAT came, I had taken around 10 full length practice tests, and felt completely prepared for the real thing. Without A-List, I do not know what I would have done to prepare for these tests. I recommend A-list to anybody trying to get a great score.”

Adam G. (Roslyn, 2011), +460 SAT points

“Using A-list in preparation for the SAT was a great choice for me. I used John Oh as a tutor, which was very positive. I never had a boring tutoring session, and he was great about always keeping you focused since he was so upbeat. Doing SAT questions can of course be tedious, but having him as a tutor really didn’t make them so bad. My scores definitely improved from using him and I would absolutely recommend him.”

-Samantha K. (Roslyn, 2011), +440 SAT points

“First of all i would like to say that I absolutely loved my tutor, Sherwyn. He was so nice and so easy to talk to. He didn’t make me feel intimidated or nervous if I didn’t know the right answer. He sincerely wanted to help me and get me to understand it. Sometimes I would doubt myself, but he had total confidence in me and that really helped push me through the tough SAT time period of my life. But he wasnt only my tutor. He was my friend, and that was the best part about it. I looked forward to my tutor sessions because they werent boring or stressful, but relaxing and sometimes even fun. So i had a great experience. Thank you A-List.”

Naomi O. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2011), + 420 points

My goal, when I initially began working with A-list, was to fully understand the SAT in order to master the material and preform to the best to my ability. My tutor, Adam Horowitz, helped me to achieve this goal and much more. He taught me the techniques, strategies, and skills needed to excel on the SAT. He was always kind, patient, and encouraging. Adam would always go beyond the skills in order to make sure you fully grasped a concept and knew all of the methods for each question. He helped me greatly and I am truly thankful for his effort.

-Emily S. (Wheatley, 2011), + 410 SAT points

Clay Glad was everything i needed in an SAT prep tutor. He was always encouraging, supportive, and patient. I looked forward to our study sessions. He helped me to accomplish my goal and reach a score level that exceeded my expectations. The A-List materials are extremely helpful and provide an easy way to pace studying so that I didn’t get overwhelmed.

-Nina M. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2011) + 390 SAT points

After telling you about our son’s personality and what type of student he was you sent us a young man who was a perfect match for him. He was wonderful, brilliant, taught the material so well, and truly prepared Robert for the SAT. Robert took the SAT prior to beginning his tutoring sessions and did very well. But after working with Wyatt, Robert’s tutor, his scores improved each time. He received a very high score that caught the eye of every school he applied to, incuding Ivy’s. I believe your material that is provided with the program gives the students an edge in preparing for the test. Also, having the opportunities to attend any of the practice SAT sessions was very helpful as well. Thank you. Our son will be attending Fordham University in the Fall in their honors Business program.

-Robert L. (Chaminade, 2011) + 380 SAT points

My tutor from A-List was Sherwyn. I could go on and on and on about how amazing of a tutor Sherwyn was. But, Sherwyn was more than just a tutor, he honestly became a friend of mine. I’d look forward to everytime Sherwyn came over, and would enjoy every minute. Sherwyn always kept me interested in what we were doing and my score drastically improved because of this. Sherwyn and I still speak to this very day, and I feel that Sherwyn and I will be friends for a very long time. Thanks so much to A-List and Sherwyn for helping me boost my SAT and ACT scores!

Spencer L. (Roslyn, 2011) + 380 SAT points

It was very important to me that I find just the right program and person to prepare my children for the SAT’s as well as the ACT. I found both at A List. I have a son and daughter one grade apart. They were both strong students but really had no idea how to best prepare for such an important year of testing. Knowing how highly competitive it is to get into college these days, I did alot of research and interviewing before I chose A List. They offered us the opportunity to meet first with a prospective tutor to see if it was a good fit. Sherwyn Fullington arrived at our home and within five minutes of interacting with my son and answering my questions, I knew he was the man for the job! Sherwyn prepared both my children for the SAT and ACT. He was thorough, caring, supportive, challenging, demanding, and guided them both through the preperation process. They improved greatly in all test categories as well as gained confidence and speed. Sherwyn taught them skills and strategies they could use on both tests. The weekend practice tests were great and then they went over the results with Sherwyn during the week. I could not have been more pleased with A List or with Sherwyn F. This fall my son Max will be a sophmore at Tulane University and my daughter Lily will be in her first year at Lehigh University.

Mother of Max and Lily C. (Great Neck North, 2011) + 330 SAT points

My experience with A-List was a great one. My tutor, Adam, helped me out so much. At first, I did very poorly on practice tests. I was far from satisfied with my results. After working with Adam for months, I reached scores that were much higher than I had expected. The testing schedule was very beneficial because it offered a lot of opportunities to take practice tests. Without having the opportunity to take practice tests so often, I do not think I would have succeeded and reached the score I was aiming for.

Edmond S. (Great Neck North, 2011) + 320 SAT points

My experience with A-list was a very great one that helped me a lot with my SAT scores. My tutor was very approachable and easy to learn from. My scores went up considerably while working with Adam and I am very appreciative of A-list’s concern and dedication to helping me.

-Jason B. (Roslyn, 2011) + 310 SAT points

Working with A-List was an absolute pleasure. The materials they provided, from the Book of Knowledge to vocabulary flashcards, were all incredibly helpful. The practice tests were particularly useful. They ran every Sunday at a location that was very convenient for me. The tests helped me to build up my stamina and get used to the timing of the exam. My tutor, Clay, was amazing. I was a very nervous test taker and particularly weak in Math, but Clay gave me gentle encouragement and was determined to help me succeed. In the end, I was accepted to my dream school and I couldn’t be happier.

Ariel C. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2011) + 300 SAT points

Being an overworked and stressed out Junior, I was expecting Sunday afternoons with my SAT tutor to be the bane of my existence; however, Scott and A-List managed to turn Sunday afternoons into something I could look forward to. Never did I expect to be asking my parents after a tutoring session, So when is the next time Scott’s coming? I don’t even want to wait a whole week!” Scott became not only my teacher but my friend. The combination of a great friendly tutor, the availability of tests to take every weekend at local venues, and the opportunity to utilize all of the tools in A-List’s test taking arsenal created the perfect formula for success. Choosing A-List and working with Scott not only created the environment for me to succeed, but helped alleviate my stress and allowed me to have fun at the same time. I will gladly recommend A-List to all my friends.”

Scott G. (Roslyn, 2011) +280 SAT points

Sherwyn Fullington is not a good SAT Tutor, because to say Sherwyn is a good SAT tutor would be neither a fair nor an accurate statement, for Sherwyn is better than good and he is more than an SAT tutor; he is an inspiration, an educator and a friend. When I began studying for the SATs, I had the same attitude that I had towards schools, which was, I do average(low 90s) so why study so hard. But Sherwyn changed all of that. He made me want to learn, he made me want to do practice tests, but most of all, he made me want to succeed. He truly made me want to do good and do all the work for myself and not because it was forced upon me. He becomes friends with you so you feel comfortable discussing any problems you may have had with a question. Because of all this i believe Sherwyn was essential in raising my grade over 300 points.

Ben K. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2011) +240 SAT points

I had a great experience working with A-List. I was fortunate enough to have received the best tutor around, Adam H.! I not only understood the material better, but I also gained confidence in my own ability. Initially, I was unsure of myself, but after each session, I began to feel more capable. Without Adam’s help, I never would have been able to do it. Although I learned many things at each lesson, I also had a lot of fun! I never thought I’d be able to say I had fun studying for the SATs, but here I am! With the tools provided to be by A-List (such as the funny vocab cards and the great math problems), along with Adam’s guidance, my scores increased! Thank you A-List, and thank you Adam, for making the SATs a lot less painful, and dare I say, enjoyable.

Chloe S. (Wheatley, 2011) +230 SAT points

“My son worked with A-List last spring. He came away from the sessions feeling confident, and his writing skills noticeably improved. His essay editor motivated him using newspapers, sports magazines and other articles of interest to him.”

Mother of Michael S. (Roslyn, 2010) +430 SAT points

“Using A-List Education was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My tutor, Arthur Crumlish, knew exactly how to teach me the material so that I would both understand it and be able to use it easily on the test. Aside from Arthur’s great talents as a tutor, A-List uses some unorthodox approaches to the test and every single one works incredibly. If you, as a student, are willing to be taught and do the work to the level that the tutor expects of you, you will succeed on the SAT’s using A-List. I had a target goal (out of 1600) and i exceded it by 50 points and I can honestly say it is due, in large part, to Arthur and A-List.”

-Eric S. (Syosset, 2010) +350 SAT points

“I loved A-List. Scott is a completely professional tutor, and yet manages to form a strong connection with his students. I legitimately enjoyed my time spent with A-List. It makes me miss my SAT/ACT studying days! Every week I can honestly say I looked forward to my sessions. A-List Education yielded remarkable results for me and I saw dramatic improvement in my standardized tests. The materials were completely appropriate and helpful. Scott’s methods were superior to anything I have ever experienced. Thanks for everything!”

Carolyn R. (Friends, 2010) +370 SAT points

“My A-list experience was great. Sherwyn was an amazing tutor who helped my score go up 100 points. The program was amazing and really helped me excel to my greatest potential.”

Mitchell G. (Roslyn, 2010) +330 SAT points

“A-List is 100% just what I was looking for in SAT preparation. The strategies and techniques–it all works.”

Ashley B. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2010) +310 SAT points

“I had a great experience with Sherwyn. He gave me a lot of confidence and help me every step of the way!”

Katherine S. (Garden City, 2010), +290 SAT points

“I was very lucky to have tutors who were so knowledgeable as well as compassionate, personable and fun.”

-Melissa H. (Roslyn, 2010) +290 SAT points

“A-List was absolutely wonderful. They helped us every step of the way.”

Ben G. (Jericho, 2010), +250 SAT points

“A-List was an invaluable resource for my son as he prepared for the rigors of standardized testing. Not only was it convenient to have tutoring done in our home but the testing facility was also within close proximity. This was important because taking practice tests (in a controlled environment) is key to the learning process. Our tutor was very flexile with scheduling and really made an effort to connect with our son personally and teach in a way that resonated with him. A-List is on the cutting edge of providing testing services to students and I wholeheartedly recommend the company and its people .”

Mother of Matt D. (Manhasset, 2010) +220 SAT points, Boston College, Class of 2014

“A-List has been a tremendous help. Our tutor as well as our college advisor have been dedicated, kind and a pleasure to work with.”

-Mother of Drew C. (Wheatley, 2010) +6 ACT points

“After working with several programs, I can say that I am overall most satisfied from the tutoring that I received from A-List. The materials are all on target and to the point, and are easy to understand and learn from.”

Samantha L. (Roslyn, 2010) +210 SAT points

“My son worked with A-List last spring. He came away from the sessions feeling confident, and his writing skills noticeably improved. His essay editor motivated him using newspapers, sports magazines and other articles of interest to him.”

Mother of Michael S. (Roslyn, 2010) +430 SAT points

“Using A-List Education was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My tutor, Arthur Crumlish, knew exactly how to teach me the material so that I would both understand it and be able to use it easily on the test. Aside from Arthur’s great talents as a tutor, A-List uses some unorthodox approaches to the test and every single one works incredibly. If you, as a student, are willing to be taught and do the work to the level that the tutor expects of you, you will succeed on the SAT’s using A-List. I had a target goal (out of 1600) and i exceded it by 50 points and I can honestly say it is due, in large part, to Arthur and A-List.”

-Eric S. (Syosset, 2010) +350 SAT points

“I loved A-List. Scott is a completely professional tutor, and yet manages to form a strong connection with his students. I legitimately enjoyed my time spent with A-List. It makes me miss my SAT/ACT studying days! Every week I can honestly say I looked forward to my sessions. A-List Education yielded remarkable results for me and I saw dramatic improvement in my standardized tests. The materials were completely appropriate and helpful. Scott’s methods were superior to anything I have ever experienced. Thanks for everything!”

Carolyn R. (Friends, 2010) +370 SAT points

“My A-list experience was great. Sherwyn was an amazing tutor who helped my score go up 100 points. The program was amazing and really helped me excel to my greatest potential.”

Mitchell G. (Roslyn, 2010) +330 SAT points

“A-List is 100% just what I was looking for in SAT preparation. The strategies and techniques–it all works.”

Ashley B. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2010) +310 SAT points

“I had a great experience with Sherwyn. He gave me a lot of confidence and help me every step of the way!” -Katherine S. (Garden City, 2010), +290 SAT points

“I was very lucky to have tutors who were so knowledgeable as well as compassionate, personable and fun.”

Melissa H. (Roslyn, 2010) +290 SAT points

“A-List was absolutely wonderful. They helped us every step of the way.”

Ben G. (Jericho, 2010), +250 SAT points

“A-List was an invaluable resource for my son as he prepared for the rigors of standardized testing. Not only was it convenient to have tutoring done in our home but the testing facility was also within close proximity. This was important because taking practice tests (in a controlled environment) is key to the learning process. Our tutor was very flexile with scheduling and really made an effort to connect with our son personally and teach in a way that resonated with him. A-List is on the cutting edge of providing testing services to students and I wholeheartedly recommend the company and its people .”

-Mother of Matt D. (Manhasset, 2010) +220 SAT points, Boston College, Class of 2014

“A-List has been a tremendous help. Our tutor as well as our college advisor have been dedicated, kind and a pleasure to work with.”

-Mother of Drew C. (Wheatley, 2010) +6 ACT points

“After working with several programs, I can say that I am overall most satisfied from the tutoring that I received from A-List. The materials are all on target and to the point, and are easy to understand and learn from.”

-Samantha L. (Roslyn, 2010) +210 SAT points

“My son and I would highly recommend A-List services. The level of professionalism, courtesy, knowledge, and care has been unmatched by any of my prior experiences with any other tutorial service.”

-Mother of John L. (Syosset, 2008) +370 SAT points Accepted into Sacred Heart, Miami of Ohio, University of Rhode Island

“I definitely enjoyed my experience with A-List. I found the materials excellent; the vocabulary flashcards had sentences that had very helpful context clues and even better word groupings. The Book of Knowledge taught me so many things. I was more than satisfied with my final score on both the SAT and ACT exams. I enjoyed my sessions with my tutor, Scott. The availability of practice tests, I think, was one of the most important aspects that went into increasing my score. I would definitely recommend A-List to anyone.”

Dara B. (Roslyn, 2008) +360 SAT points

“During my time working with A-List, I have not only learned very important test-taking skills, but I have learned vital lessons that will truly help to shape my future. A-List has been a key component in helping me achieve my goals regarding the SAT and college applications, while at the same time instilling skills such as time management into my daily routine. Their employees have spent countless hours ensuring that I not only succeed, but surpass any expectations I previously had. They helped to alleviate much of the stress of the SATs and the college process, and I am grateful for the amount of time and effort that they put in.”

 –Paris H. (Wheatley, 2008) +310 SAT points Accepted early into Columbia

“A-List makes preparing for the SAT a lot of fun, yet the boys learned a lot and did really well in the end. I recommend A-List to all my friends.”

-Mother of Mike P. (Chaminade, 2008) +210 SAT points Accepted into Princeton University

“The A-List team was terrific. They were thorough in the material they covered. They were able to assess my child’s strengths and weaknesses and focus on what was needed. Overall, they did an excellent job!”

-Mother of Samantha A. (Roslyn, 2008) +160 SAT points

“I would absolutely be remiss if I did not take the opportunity to thank everyone at A-List for all of their help the past few years… There are not enough accolades to be given. I just want to thank you for all your patience, devotion and hard work. It’s obvious to me that you TRULY care about these kids, and enjoy what you do. As you know, half of this story has a VERY HAPPY ENDING…son #1 got into the school of his choice. Now, we’re waiting for the college decisions for son #2…We’ve got our fingers crossed. I cannot thank you enough.”

-Mother of Max A. (Syosset, 2007) +380 SAT points  Accepted into Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

“The services of A-List truly prepare you to be the most qualified college applicant. Scott brings a warm and friendly face to every session that creates a comfortable learning environment and a fun atmosphere! With A-List, you are sure to reach your ultimate potential.”

-Merry A. (Friends Academy, 2007) +310 SAT points Accepted into Northwestern University

Long Island- South Shore

I have loved working with Azusa this year. We worked on math together and she was one of the best tutors I’ve ever had. She was always on time, always willing to stay longer to clarify things and always eager to help me learn the material. Not only is she super organized, but she’s also an awesome person that I have loved spending time with. She takes the most organized notes which I have loved studying from- they have definitely helped me to understand all the math I was learning in school. Azusa also has always made it clear that she genuinely cares about her students- from sending me good luck texts, or solving out a whole problem on paper that I was confused about at midnight, she’s really supportive and goes the extra mile to make sure her students are confident. I have also worked with Scott in preparing for the SAT, and I could say all the same things. I have really loved working with Scott because he always pushes me to the potential he knows I can reach. I always doubt myself, but Scott has slowly been helping me become more confident. I’m really glad I got to work with such great tutors this year and I would definitely recommend it.

Emma T. (Horace Mann, 2016) +300 SAT points

My son used Veta as his ACT tutor and he really excelled on the test. He tried other tutors prior to using Veta(not from A-List), but the others made no difference. We highly recommend Veta.

Mother of Jake W. (Hewlett High School, 2016) +3 ACT points Tulane University, Class of 2020

Working with A-List has been a true pleasure. The preparation materials such as The ACT Book of Knowledge” and the SAT vocabulary cards have been incredibly helpful resources for gaining familiarity with the types of test questions and studying the content on the standardized tests. The “Book of Knowledge” provides a concise and comprehensible explanation of grammar, math, reading, and science concepts that are commonly tested on the ACT, and I often referred to the book whenever I needed clarification on a specific topic. I also found the practice tests at A-List to be a great resource because they were a true indicator of the testing environment – with a proctor, time constraints, and breaks according to the administration standards for a real exam. Between my first ACT in December and my second test in February, my composite score increased by three points, and each of my four test scores also improved. My tutor, Kyle Nunn, has been most instrumental to my success in standardized testing. He was always flexible with scheduling if there were a conflict and went out of his way to find me a time slot that would work. Kyle was always accessible if I had any questions or concerns and stayed in contact with me even between sessions. During tutoring sessions, Kyle taught me valuable test-taking techniques, gave helpful tips about how to approach the questions, and explained the best ways to solve difficult problems. He also always brought light-hearted humor to our tutoring sessions, which made them engaging rather than stuffy and tedious. I appreciate all his support and guidance over the past year, and I truly cannot thank him enough for his help. I definitely plan to recommend A-List to my friends and family for test prep, and my brother will use this agency to prepare for standardized testing when he is a junior in high school.”

Sarah M. (Bellmore JFK, 2016) +3 ACT points

Chris was an amazing tutor! He helped me learn techniques around the reading section because that was where I struggled the most. My SAT score went up a lot and I was able to get into my dream school with no problem!

-Brittany T. (Oceanside, 2015) +450 SAT points Syracuse University, Class of 2019

Overall, A- List was a very helpful tutoring company that made sure its students were well-prepared for the test. My tutor, Kyle, was very dedicated and was always willing to explain anything I didn’t understand.

Jessica B. (Lawrence, 2015) +370 SAT points Syracuse University, Class of 2019

I entered the SAT preparation process with the mentality that I did not need tutoring. My tutor, Chris, opened my mind to receiving help, teaching me invaluable strategies that not only improved my standardized test taking ability, but my intelligence as a whole. Chris was very flexible in that he worked with me at a pace that I needed to stay engaged–he kept me locked in. It was a comfortable, nurturing environment. With his help, I was accepted into three of my top choice schools.

Sam M. (Bellmore JFK, 2015) +280 points Cornell University, Class of 2019

My daughter worked with Azusa Ueno from the second week in July until the first week of September, the start of her senior year. Azusa worked diligently with her encouraging her to study hard and have no regrets” heading into her (hopefully) last ACT exam before she started sending out her college apps. My daughter had great respect for Azusa and really connected with her. As a parent, I was happy she had such a great rapport with Azusa as this helped her stay motivated during the summer months. With great joy I can report my daughter increased her ACT score by 4 points! Thanks again Azusa.”

-Mother of Olivia B. (JFK Bellmore, 2015) +4 ACT points

Where do I begin to illustrate the strength of A-List and of the fabulous tutoring abilities of my daughter’s tutor, Courtney Coveney? Courtney was phenomenal in her approach and her suggestions and gave my daughter the foundation to exceed our expectations. Her ACT score moved up 4 points in 2 months, and I can’t thank Courtney enough. She is golden!

Mother of Jordan C. (JFK Bellmore, 2015) +4 ACT points

Gary Surman was the epitome of the BEST tutor! I was extremely anxious and stubborn going into the ACT, but Gary was able to get through to me. He was able to help me work past my testing nerves through his calm, friendly, and effective techniques. Any student is extremely lucky to work with such a caring, knowledgeable, and thoughtful tutor. He really cared about my needs, and when faced with a challenge, he was determined to resolve it. I am so grateful for everything he did… GOING UP 11 POINTS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE. I was SO PROUD when I went from the low 20s to the 30s!! GARY IS AMAZING!!!!!

Erin D. (JFK Bellmore, 2014) +11 ACT points

I worked with Mishi for over a year, and I can honestly say I would not have wanted to work with any other tutor. I started off struggling with the SAT, but made a 490 point improvement! This was all due to my tutor’s dedication and the weekly practice tests that were available. I then began taking the ACT, in which I made a 5 point improvement! A-List has not only told students about their success stories, but has made more and more every year.

Casey S. (JFK Bellmore, 2014) +490 SAT points, +5 ACT points

Casey was lucky enough to work with Heather Lowe prior to taking her SAT. Heather brought a calm to the anxiousness Casey was feeling about the SAT. They ‘clicked’ right away and Casey truly learned how to take this monumental test. She increased her score from PSAT to SAT by at least 250 points and is not sure she is done improving yet as she feels quite confident about her SAT test taking skills now. We are hoping to have Heather assist Casey with her college essay writing as well. The A-List experience was terrific for my son Ben and his tutor Clay and just as fantastic for Casey and Heather. I have recommended A-List to many friends who have used it to a successful end. Heather is a gem.

Mother of Casey S. (Lynbrook, 2014) +440 SAT points

Going into the process with the A-list I was unsure of how an essay tutor would work. I was concerned about if I would have a good enough essay since I felt I lacked diversity and that feel-good” or “come from behind story.” After meeting with Clay my nerves were immediately settled and we soon began the process that would allow me to get accepted to my dream school. Overall, I feel Clay was a great help in that he wasn’t afraid to tell me the hard truth, which at times I certainly needed. Clay Glad was not only a great tutor but also a true stress reliever in an extremely stressful time.”

Kevin S. (Mepham, 2014) +370 SAT points University of Michigan, Class of 2018

The A-List program is very comprehensive and really provided a lot of elements to help improve my SAT performance. I took full advantage of the full program including, tutoring, materials and diagnostic/practice testing.

-Jake S. (JFK Bellmore, 2014) +370 SAT points

We were very pleased with Mishi’s private tutoring in our home and the abundance of test availability for practice…

Jessica M. (JFK Bellmore, 2014) +4 ACT points

I really owe all of my success to A-List and my tutor, Mishi. Mishi was so helpful, supportive, and motivational. She always was available to answer my texts, emails and to grade my practice tests. The Book of Knowledge is a great, easy to read resource. Thanks for all your help.

Jessica R. (Stella K. Abraham HS, 2014) +260 SAT points

My daughter was tutored by Regina Benford. She was very helpful preparing my daughter for the SAT. Jessica scored high enough to get into the University of Rhode Island, her first pick college. I am thankful to Regina for the effort she put into tutoring Jessica. I would highly recommend Regina to anyone that wanted a bright, articulate, talented tutor from A-List.

-Jessica P. (West Islip, 2014) +220 SAT points University of Rhode Island, Class of 2018

A-list helped me reach my goals in every category on both the ACT and SAT. I am extremely pleased in the way everything was run as well as them helping me progress as a student. With their help I was able to achieve my goal and attend the college I’ve always wanted to go to.

Matthew G. (JFK Bellmore, 2013) +500 SAT points

Kyle was the man. Aside from improving my scores over 300 points from PSAT to SAT, and even more so on the ACT conversion scale, he was just a great human being. Surprisingly I actually looked forward to the sessions because I enjoyed being taught by him and he made the material engaging and interesting. My family has recommended him across the community and he will be returning to my household to tutor my sister. I honestly wish the SAT/ACT was 2 years so I could still get tutored by him. Great guy, great teacher, great stuff.

Cory A. (JFK Bellmore, 2013) +300 SAT points

Michelle (Mishi) was an awesome tutor who got my score up more than 200 points in two sections over a two month span.

John H. (West Islip, 2012) + 380 SAT points

“Our tutor, Mishi, was wonderful. She taught our daughter at her level and was always encouraging. She also helped her to pass the trig regents…”

-Mother of Deanna S.(West Islip, 2012) +280 SAT points

I could not be happier with my son Jacob’s tutor, Nicholas. Nick is intelligent, personable, which is so important when it comes to motivating teenagers, and is a wonderful teacher. My son enjoyed working with him and looked forward to their sessions. I couldn’t have picked a better tutor, so thank you A-List.

Mother of Jacob T. (JFK Bellmore, 2011) + 400 SAT points

A-List helped me get into the college of my dreams, and I will thank them forever for that. My tutor, Adam Horowitz, is an amazing person who really helped me understand the topics of the SAT and ACT and helped me push my scores higher than I ever thought I would achieve. The vocab cards were very easy to use and helped me get only one word choice problem wrong on the SAT! Thank you for everything, A-List, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants fantastic SAT and ACT tutoring.

-Daniel R. (JFK Bellmore, 2011) + 350 SAT points

A-List provided me with many opportunities to prepare for the SAT and ACT. Practice tests were always available for me whenever I needed one. The vocabulary cards and Book of Knowledge were very informative and also easy to comprehend. Also, the Saturday afternoons spent taking practice SATs and ACTs definitely paid off in the long run. My tutor, Adam Horowitz, always stayed on task and made sure I was at the level where I needed to be. A-List helped me improve my test taking skills and also my scores.

Rachel R. (JFK Bellmore, 2011) + 290 SAT points

I would like to thank A-List and my tutor Adam. Adam prepared me for the SAT and I wouldn’t have done so well without him. I felt confident and prepared when I walked into the test.

-Nicholas O. (Holy Trinity, 2011) +260 points

“Prior to the beginning of my junior year, I was fortunate enough to meet Scott Farber…He made a lasting first impression. I discussed with him the anxieties that I felt knowing my junior year would be challenging academically. We also spoke about preparing for the college application process. What struck me most was his candor and easy going personality. He made the idea of learning comfortable. To top it all off, he was a very “cool” guy, full of confidence and exuberance. As the school year began, I found myself feeling more confident about performing academically. In fact, I actually enjoyed the learning process. I realized, for the first time in my life, it is not only important to want to be educated, but “cool” to be smart. My junior year ended up being my best year academically, as I improved in every subject and raised my GPA.”

Brandon S. (JFK Bellmore, 2010) +310 SAT points

Long Island- Suffolk County

The SAT process can be both an overwhelming and scary experience. After checking out numerous companies, we decided to use A-List and after meeting our son’s tutor, Chris, we are very, very happy we did. From the minute Chris met Zach, we knew Zach had found the perfect guide and just the right fit. Chris was not only knowledgeable; about the materials and the approach needed to maximize Zach’s potential but more importantly, he understood how to motivate him. He was there to support him when it was tough goings and cheer him on when the news continued to get batter and better. Zach looked forward to meeting with him each week did not want to disappoint his friend.” I cannot say enough about the guidance Zach received form Chris. He acted as a mentor, a big brother at times and a cheerleader. He was always accessible when needed and really wanted Zach to lean on him to achieve his goal, which he did. A-List, you are lucky to have Chris V working for you. We could not be happier.”

Mother of Zach L. (Half Hollow Hills East, 2016) +450 SAT points

I had a wonderful experience with A-List. Most importantly I had amazing experience and relationship with my tutor, Chris. Chris truly believed in me, which allowed me to succeed and get into my number one college choice.

Andrew K. (Half Hollow Hills East, 2015) +410 SAT points Binghamton University, Class of 2019

Chris V was awesome. He made my SAT experience not only educational, but also entertaining! I would refer him to anyone going into his/her junior year.

-Jeremy S. (Half Hollow Hills West, 2015) +370 SAT points Syracuse University, Class of 2019

My A-List tutor was Sherwyn. He took me from a 27 on my first ACT to a 30 on my most recent one. Thanks to him, I can get into all the colleges to which I intend to apply.

Jesse L. (Half Hollow Hills East, 2015) +7 ACT points

A-List, along with my tutor Sherwyn, has helped me achieve scores I never thought possible. My target schools are now safety schools, and my reach schools are now my target. I can’t thank Sherwyn and A-List enough!

Amanda S. (Harborfields, 2015) +150 SAT points

Thank you A-List for recommending the BEST tutor, Gary Surman. He met with my daughter twice a week over the summer and worked diligently with her for six months. He was always on time and sometimes even went over the hour session without even charging for his time. Gary’s knowledge of the material, and ability to teach and explain it as thoroughly as he did, brought her scores up almost 500 points!! I loved that she was able to take simulated practice tests that were offered every weekend. Gary knew exactly when to have her sit for one of these practice tests and she could see the improvement as they worked together. Thank you for all your help!!!…

Mother of Jennifer D. (St. Anthony’s, 2014) +390 SAT points

Working with Gary Surman provided me with the opportunity to apply to any college in this country with a fighting chance of acceptance and that is all I could have asked for. He held me accountable for my work and always pushed, but not overwhelmingly. His intellect is easily conveyed to his students and his effort to teach is valiant. He made a grueling experience tolerable and I recommend him to everyone.

Patrick R. (Ward Melville, 2014) +340 SAT points

After doing poorly on my first SAT, my parents and I searched for a tutoring service hoping to improve my score. I struggled heavily with the CR section. Within 2 months between my first and second SAT, and at most five meetings with Rachel (my tutor) focusing solely on the Critical Reading, I went up 130 points in the reading section, along with going up 40 in the math section. After that, I was satisfied with my score in the reading and math section, but felt as though I could improve my writing score. After spending about 2 more months working on the writing section with Rachel, I went up 130 points in my writing section to a near perfect score. Overall, my superscored SAT went up 300 points from the first time I took it before I received any tutoring from A-list to after. Rachel definitely helped me achieve the score I was aiming for.

Boris K. (Harborfields, 2013) +300 SAT points

I just want to commend one of your instructors for being so great, so professional, so respectful and so attentive. Gary Surman has been tutoring my daughter for the SAT test since August. In that time, he has never missed a class and has never even been late. In fact, on many occasions, he stays well past the hour because they’re still working. My daughter thinks he’s a great teacher and she has an easy time listening to him instruct and understanding him. I can’t tell you how much of a difference this will make in her score, but I can tell you that my husband and I believe he has helped a lot and, while the fee was a sacrifice for us, we don’t regret a cent of it. Thanks for sending such a nice, young man to our home to help prepare our daughter for the SAT.

Mother of Betsy H. (St. Anthony’s, 2011)

My tutor, Adam Horowitz, helped me improve my SAT scores dramatically. My critical reading skills needed improvement. He patiently showed me how to master each kind of question with techniques that I would have never thought of on my own. As far as I am concerned, Mr. Horowitz is the reason why I have a good chance of getting into the elite colleges across the country.

-Harrison S. (Commack, 2011) +210 SAT points

“A-List was a big factor in helping my son get a spot at Princeton University. He got the score he needed the first time he sat down to take the SAT, and actually had a good time preparing. I couldn’t be happier and will continue to recommend A-List to all the athletes I know.”

-Father of Mike C. (Setauket, 2008) +210 SAT points, Princeton University, Class of 2012

Sherwyn Fullington is an outstanding tutor. First off, he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. As the whole process of studying for the SAT/ACT happens, he is extremely patient with you. He really takes the time to make sure you know everything out need to know for the exams. He knows these exams inside out and teaches you so many tips and tricks and really prepares you for the exams. By the time you go in to take them, you know what you’re doing and are fully prepared. I started off with about a 1300 on the SAT and by the time my tutoring sessions with Sherwyn were over, I had achieved a score of 1910. He really is one of the best SAT/ACT tutors available.

Spencer G. (Half Hollow Hills West, 2016) +600 SAT points  Tulane University, Class of 2020


I loved working with A-list! I was able to get into the college of my choice all thanks to my wonderful tutor, Erin. Couldn’t have done it without her! My scores went up over 300 points! Its such a great program, I definitely recommend it!

-Sarah A. (Shevach High School, 2014) +310 SAT points Queens College, Class of 2018

“I wanted to share with you my daughter’s acceptance to Trinity College. Trinity College was her first choice and I want to thank you for all you did in helping her achieve her goal. I especially want to thank John Oh–he was her tutor for SAT prep and math. John had his work cut out for him, as Jillian was a very weak math student. She couldn’t have done it without him! Thank you again for your wonderful program and for having someone like John.”

Mother of Jillian K. (Our Lady of Mercy, 2010) +200 SAT points


As an athlete, I thought it would be impossible to fit test preparation into a demanding training and competition schedule. A-List made tutoring work for my schedule and I actually had a blast at my sessions. My improvement in just a few months speaks for itself and now I can apply to a whole different level of colleges.  

-Zach J. (New Rochelle, 2011) + 8 ACT points

New Jersey

Everything was amazing. My tutor, Jon, helped me tremendously and I felt like he truly cared about helping me succeed as much as possible and always put 100% effort into everything we did. His tutoring has even helped me improve my high school grades. The A-list practice tests have helped me prepare for the SAT with things like my test anxiety and just understanding what type of questions that would be on the test. Overall, I can say he was the best tutor I have ever had.

-Ty C. (Nutley, 2016) +260 SAT points

“We could not have had a better experience with any other SAT prep group in the country. Our daughter’s scores went up over 400 points and she had a new sense of confidence that she enjoys to this day. Scott was just a remarkable tutor and if you do nothing else to help your child in the college process, this is by far the most valuable tool and resource and a gift that will “keep on giving.”

Mother of Missy F. (Bergen County Academy, 2008) +410 SAT points


The first time I took a practice SAT, I walked out through the glass double-doors of the A-List building with my head held high. In fact, as celebration for how easy I felt the test to be, I splurged on an artisan panini and Vitamin Water.

Suffice it to say, it was a rude awakening when I found out my score didn’t exactly correlate.

Thus, in stepped Rachel Flynn, who illuminated the fact that I wasn’t lacking knowledge, but, rather, I was lacking the correct application of that knowledge. Particular questions on the SAT are excellent at being vague or misleading, and I was tripping on every one of them.

Rachel and I worked every week — she was dedicated enough to Skype with me in Connecticut, even when she was in New York — and quickly we began seeing progress. She was able to not only articulate what the SAT questions were trying to ask, but she was also able to do so through an approach friendlier to my specific style of learning and thinking. Instead of the College Board’s pedantic (<– vocab word) drone, I was able to carry out an engaged conversation with Rachel, with as many laughs and smiles as there were moments of SAT eureka.

Through countless hours (which, albeit, seemed like passing seconds), Rachel was able to lift my aptitude to the level where, in March, I scored a 2300 at an official testing site.

Now, going into the college application process, it’s such a weight off my shoulders to know that even though I may have to worry about the rest of the application, I’m set with one of its most integral components. Thanks to Rachel, I can sit back, relax, and sip on Vitamin Water.

Ryder C. (Staples, 2014) +190 SAT points