"The A-List texts are a pure delight to use. The information is presented in such a wonderful tone and voice that the students are eager to use The Book of Knowledge, excited to uncover the nugget of humor found somewhere on every page...The texts amuse even the most cynical of students. As a teacher of composition, I even use sections of the book to illustrate idea like voice, tone and mood, completely unrelated to the subject matter of test taking."
-John K.
Teacher, Nevada



Classroom Materials

A-List offers an extensive suite of proprietary materials and online learning tools for educators to use in the classroom to prepare students for the SAT and ACT. Some or all of these products can be incorporated into your test prep program to get students ready to conquer their college entrance exams.  

We have downloadable (PDF) slides available for every question found in A-List's primary SAT/ACT manualThe Book of Knowledge, so that educators can talk through and/or work out featured SAT/ACT questions in front of their class.

Red checkCreated by experts: The A-List senior team collectively boasts 75+ years of tutoring, teaching, and standardized test preparation experience and has provided instruction to more than 20,000 students.

Red checkExtensively-researched: A-List's books are written by test experts who have combined the knowledge gained through countless hours spent researching SAT and ACT tests with their practical experience teaching thousands of students.

Red checkGet results: Our methods and techniques have been proven effective by countless students who have used A-List materials and successfully increased their SAT and ACT scores—at times, more than 3x the national average!

Red checkMaster the tests: Our books offer students and educators essential techniques, strategies, and insights for mastering the SAT and ACT. Learn all of the content you need to know, helpful tricks and shortcuts specific to question types, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Learn more about our classroom materials below:

If your school receives Title 1 funding, you may be eligible for discounts on A-List materials.

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