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SAT and ACT Test Prep Lesson Plans and Course Schedules

A-List offers customized SAT and ACT test prep lesson plans and course schedules designed to suit the structure of your organization's SAT/ACT program.  

Red checkPrior to the start of an in-school course, A-List can assist your faculty with the development of comprehensive class schedules for classes, outlining weekly assignments and setting practice tests dates.

Red checkA-List can also provide teachers with a suite of customized teacher materials including lesson plans and power point slides for each question in The Book of Knowledge to facilitate classroom learning.

Red checkOur curriculum planning not only helps instructors determine how to best organize and present the material, but also provides a guideline for study pacing for individual or specialized groups of students to ensure that enough time is allotted for the each topic.

No matter the format of your SAT/ACT program, we can tailor it to your needs- breaking down the course content as extensively as necessary. We can structure lesson plans based on a year-long, semester, or crash/boot camp course (with students working toward a particular test date); we can detail how the minutes per class and/or classes per week should break down by test section and topic(s). 

All course schedules and lesson plans correspond with the contents of A-List's SAT and ACT Book of Knowledge Teacher Manuals.

Sample Lesson Plans and Course Schedules

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