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A-List's groundbreaking online learning platforms, Vocab Videos and College Essay Organizer, make it easy for students AND teachers to incorporate our educational technology both inside and outside the classroom.

Vocab Videos & The Vocab Videos Workbook

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Vocab Videos

Developed out of frustration over the lack of engaging and affordable vocabulary resources, our online platform features hilarious short videos that illustrate the meanings of high value and frequently‐tested words supplemented by extensive digital learning tools. Interested in bringing Vocab Videos to your school? Learn more at or email 


Vocab Videos WorkbookVocab Videos Workbook

A student companion guide to Vocab Videos, The Workbook can be used alongside the videos featured on to help students review these essential vocabulary words and reinforce their meanings. The book's flashcard format provides space for students to use the words in their own sentences and write mnemonic devices to help them remember definitions. Learn more about The Vocab Videos Workbook!   

College Essay Organizer



One of the first and most difficult steps for college applicants is finding and organizing the essays required for all applications. College Essay Organizer (CEO) developed a one-of-a-kind tool—the Essay QuickFinder—that instantly provides students with all of the essay requirements for each of their colleges (updated for the current admissions season). Learn more about CEO for schools!

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