A-List Professional Development & Direct Instruction

Providing SAT/ACT teacher training and content licensing services to schools and educational nonprofits.

“...there is a need for the type of program you have developed to be made available to every child regardless of income. This is why I have brought A-List into school districts I have been fortunate enough to lead: to train our teachers and provide the support necessary to improve our students’ scores.”
-Dr. James Montesano, Schools Superintendent
Nyack, New York
  • 98.1% Valuable Seminar
  • 99.6% Instructive Materials
  • 99.7% Engaging Instructor
  • Customized professional development to meet the specific needs for your program
  • Proprietary materials based on extensive research & classroom experience
  • Dynamic instructors have 15+ years SAT/ACT teaching experience
  • Materials desgined to align with Common Core State Standards
  • Detailed score and seminar reports break down student and class performance
  • Continued support through online portal ensures program runs smoothly even after professional development

A-List provides professional development (PD) to schools and educational nonprofits seeking to run their own high-quality test prep course or to deliver curriculum in SAT/ACT relevant ways.

Based upon your school’s schedule, curriculum and budget, A-List recommends a highly-customized PD for staff to provide a solid grounding in the nature and content of the SAT and/or ACT.

Why Bring A-List To Your School?

Our professional development services empower students to reach their academic potential. A-List’s training programs leverage our proprietary materials and follow a carefully planned and customized curriculum, designed in concert with your institution.


Passionate educators with a distinctive and personal approach to academics.

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