"The A-List texts are a pure delight to use. The information is presented in such a wonderful tone and voice that the students are eager to use The Book of Knowledge, excited to uncover the nugget of humor found somewhere on every page...The texts amuse even the most cynical of students. As a teacher of composition, I even use sections of the book to illustrate idea like voice, tone and mood, completely unrelated to the subject matter of test taking."
- John K. , Teacher, NV

"Working with the A-List texts and philosophy allows my students to construct a meaningful and useful skill base for the SAT. The students and I enjoy the teenage-friendly, jocular narrative style that connects well with students' academic and emotional needs, thus allowing them to approach the exam with a positive "can-do" attitude."
-Jeff K., Teacher, NY

"I definitely enjoyed my experience with A-List. I found the materials excellent; the vocabulary flash-cards had sentences that had very helpful context clues and even better word groupings. The Book of Knowledge taught me so many things. I was more than satisfied with my final score on both the SAT and ACT exams…I would definitely recommend A-List to anyone."
-Dara B. +360 points

"A-list helped me reach my goals in every category on both the ACT and SAT…With their help I was able to achieve my goal and attend the college I've always wanted to go to."
-Matthew G. +500 SAT points

"Thank you for all your tips, expertise and support!"
-Robbie S. + 450 SAT points

"…I went up 130 points in my writing section to a near perfect score. Overall, my superscored SAT went up 300 points from the first time I took it…"
-Boris K. +300 SAT points

"Working with A-List was an absolute pleasure. The materials they provided, from the Book of Knowledge to vocabulary flashcards, were all incredibly helpful…In the end, I was accepted to my dream school and I couldn't be happier."
-Ariel C. + 300 SAT points

"…The way that A-List organizes the information in the book also assisted the learning experience because it is organized in a method that allows students to master the way of the SAT/ACT..."
-Ross G. +5 ACT Points

"...The A-List SAT Book of Knowedge was a great prep book that reflected the SAT...I learned a lot and got more confidence in improving my SAT scores and achieving a score that was close to my goal. I am very happy with my experience."
-Jackie R. + 220 points

"…The materials are all on target and to the point, and are easy to understand and learn from."
-Samantha L. + 210 SAT points

"…My score up more than 200 points in two sections over a two month span."
-John H. + 380 SAT points

"A-List is 100% just what I was looking for in SAT preparation. The strategies and techniques–it all works."
-Ashley B. + 310 points

"I was given the necessary materials in order to raise my SAT/ACT score. I felt confident and prepared walking into the test."
-Lindsay P. +210 points

"A-List was a big factor in helping my son get a spot at Princeton University. He got the score he needed the first time he sat down to take the SAT…I couldn’t be happier and will continue to recommend A-List…"
-Father of Mike C. +210 SAT points

"My experience with A-List was very good…I made a lot of progress in my SAT studying in which I showed a huge improvement."
-Eden R. +380 SAT points

"A-List prepared me for both the SAT and ACT better than I thought imaginable…Without A-List’s Vocab Videos, I don’t know how I would have been able to learn all the vocabulary needed for the test…Without A-List, I do not know what I would have done to prepare for these tests. I recommend A-list to anybody trying to get a great score."
-Adam G. , + 7 ACT points

"…The vocabulary cards and Book of Knowledge were very informative and also easy to comprehend…A-List helped me improve my test taking skills and also my scores."
-Rachel R. + 290 SAT points

"…I couldn't be more appreciative of all the help that A-List has provided for me, and would strongly recommend A-List to any future SAT or ACT takers!"
-Evan S. +340 SAT points

"...I was able to reach my goal score the second time I took the test. I felt very prepared thanks to A-List."
-Caroline D. +300 SAT points

"My experience with A-List was incredible…The materials A-List provided me were extremely helpful. I found A-List’s Book of Knowledge concise and easy to understand…I also found that the definitions of A-List vocabulary words were much clearer and easier to remember than others.
-Madiha S. +230 SAT points

"…Our daughter’s scores went up over 400 points and she had a new sense of confidence that she enjoys to this day…"
-Mother of Missy F. +410 SAT points

"My experience with A-List was clearly very successful. In just a couple of months, I improved my SAT score 200 points. On my PSAT I did not have a 700 in any section. I received a 700+ in all three sections on the real SAT, and achieved this without having to take the test multiple times…My favorite material was the vocabulary box. It was easy to use, and the words constantly appeared on the SATs. It also helped improve my writing and reading skills outside of the SAT as the words greatly improved my vocabulary...Thank you!"
-Guy D. +200 SAT points

"…By the time I took the test, I was totally prepared…My experience with A-List could not have been more worth it!"
-Juliana D. +190 SAT points

"…My scores went up over 180 points from my PSAT, and I was able to satisfy the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year."
-Jared A. +180 SAT points

"…Also, using the materials A-list provided proved to bring up the scores on the practice tests which gave him confidence for the actual SAT test…We will definitely recommend A-list to all of our friends! Thank you!"
-Mother of Alex C. +160 SAT points

"From the moment I began using A-List, I knew the program was unlike any other…A-List definitely helped me get the score I wanted!"
-Lauriane P. + 2 ACT points

"A-List helped me get the SAT score I wanted. From the beginning of the process to the end my score went up 550 points…"
-Scott A. +550 SAT points

"Using A-List was a phenomenal way to prepare for the SAT/ACT…The materials provided were truly exceptional..Thanks for everything."
-Daniel W. + 470 SAT points

“Using A-list in preparation for the SAT was a great choice for me…"
- Samantha K., + 440 SAT points

"Working with A-List helped me to realize my potential in standardized testing, and gave me the confidence I needed for the college process…I give A-List an A+!"
-Alex B. + 420 SAT points

"…The A-List materials are extremely helpful and provide an easy way to pace studying so that I didn't get overwhelmed."
-Nina M. + 390 SAT points

"I loved A-List…A-List Education yielded remarkable results for me and I saw dramatic improvement in my standardized tests. The materials were completely appropriate and helpful…Thanks for everything!"
-Carolyn R. + 370 SAT points

"…Thank you. Our son will be attending Fordham University in the Fall in their honors Business program."
-Mother of Robert L. + 380 SAT points

"…Thanks so much to A-List for helping me boost my SAT and ACT scores!"
-Spencer L. + 380 SAT points

"A-List helped me get into the college of my dreams, and I will thank them forever for that… Thank you for everything, A-List, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants fantastic SAT and ACT tutoring."
-Daniel R. + 350 SAT points

"My experience with A-List was a great one…I reached scores that were much higher than I had expected…"
-Edmond S. + 320 SAT points

"…I felt confident and prepared when I walked into the test."
-Nicholas O. +260 SAT points

"…With the tools provided to me by A-List (such as the funny vocab cards and the great math problems), along with my tutor's guidance, my scores increased! Thank you A-List…"
-Chloe S. + 230 SAT points

"Above all, A-list teaches the SAT…if you want honest, straightforward help that will help you reach your full potential on the SAT, choose A-list!"
-Daniel L. + 370 SAT points

"…I had a target goal and I exceeded it by 50 points and I can honestly say it is due, in large part to A-List."
-Eric S. + 350 SAT points

"My A-list experience was great…The program was amazing and really helped me excel to my greatest potential."
-Mitchell G. + 330 SAT points

"A-List was an invaluable resource for my son as he prepared for the rigors of standardized testing…"
-Mother of Matt D. +220 SAT points

"A-List has been a tremendous help…"
-Mother of Drew C. +6 ACT points

"My scores jumped way up after A-List."
-Sam V. +280 SAT points

"…the increase in his scores was impressive: 100 point increase in writing, 70 point increase in verbal and 60 point increase in math. I highly recommend A-List…"
-Mother of Sean M. +220 SAT points

"…With A-List, you are sure to reach your ultimate potential."
-Merry A. +310 SAT points

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