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One of the most crucial elements to running a successful SAT/ACT program is offering full-length, proctored practice tests regularly. Taking diagnostic exams on a consistent basis is one of the best ways students can prepare for these tests. A-List’s online content and assessment platform provides printable bubble sheets and functionality to grade your students’ tests.

Our test assessment portal will generate detailed score reports that provide an in-depth analysis of individual student performance, including a breakdown of different test sections and comments suggesting techniques that will help improve scores. Portal-generated seminar reports will show an entire class’s performance on any given section of the test, question by question, allowing teachers to see which questions students answered incorrectly so they can adapt their lesson plans accordingly.


A-List’s online portal is a low-cost, automated and rapid solution for generating scoring and analysis and delivering instant feedback on student performance. Its extensive assessment functionality utilizes official ACT & SAT questions in addition to subject-specific content—all aligned to Common Core State Standards. 

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    • Structured content and curriculum in The Book of Knowledge, complemented with full suite of supporting materials in quizzes, drills and assignments.
    • Print, scan, and grade bubble sheets using just a printer, a scanner, and an internet connection.
    • Instant scoring and analysis allow you to start reviewing results sooner and spend more class time discussing them.
    • Detailed reports allow teachers to focus curriculum and course schedule to address most crucial topics.


ACT Student Report (with explanation)
ACT Summary Report
ACT Item Analysis Report


SAT Student Report (with explanation)
SAT Summary Report
Sample SAT Item Analysis Report


Our test assessment portal enables a new teaching paradigm, offering educators instant student assessment allowing adaptive curriculum techniques to meet student needs. Additionally, comprehensive student and teacher materials will be available for instructional content.

  • Optimized content and test management structure, specifically designed to support school districts, multiple schools and multiple classes and terms
  • Assign and administer exams, drills, homework and quizzes across multiple schools, teachers and classes
  • Teachers will have access to instructional content, lesson plans, videos & files for download
  • NEW downloadable PDF presentations that cover every question in The Book of Knowledge will be available for classroom use
  • Develop and upload your own customized testing content, supporting standard and unique curriculum objectives


Base* and Full product versions both provide test assessment functions, with extensive online and print content plus dedicated user and curriculum support included in the Full version. 

*Base portal only available for schools and nonprofits. Minimum purchase required for for-profit organizations.

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