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A-List provides every student with engaging study materials based on extensive research and years of teaching experience. Packed with humour and meticulously kept up-to-date, A-List’s test prep books, college admission materials, and online platforms give students all the tools they need to achieve their highest scores and pave the way to college and graduate school. Schools and programs across the country employ A-List’s materials to give their students an edge in the increasingly-competitive admissions process, and 99% of educators who use A-List materials describe them as “instructive and helpful.” No matter which stage of the process, A-List has materials to fit your need, including:

  • The SAT/ACT Book of Knowledge, updated to reflect the latest testing updates, provides both practical instruction that covers the most frequently tested concepts and techniques that can make even the hardest problems a breeze
  • Books and material for other standardised tests ranging from the SSAT to the LSAT, GMAT and GRE
  • Drills and exercises containing hundreds of practice problems with detailed explanations to help students hone their test-taking skills
  • Dozens of real practice tests that let students know exactly what to expect when they take the test

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