Andrew Golledge Testimonials

Andrew was the perfect fit for our daughter. It was amazing how you knew that based upon our initial interview. Andrew’s patience, motivational, and teaching skills were exceptional. His positivity, even when our daughter erred, was extremely encouraging. Our daughter went from a 19 on our initial diagnostic to a 30 the first time taking the ACT. That says it all doesn’t it?!”
-Mother of Molly K. (Syosset, 2018)

Andrew was an amazing tutor. He was very professional. He was a great combination of understanding and pushing Julia to achieve her goal. Julia went from a 19 on her first practice test to a 25 on her ACT.”
-Mother of Julia R. (Bellmore JFK, 2018) +6 ACT points

“We could not be more pleased with Andrew Golledge and our son’s results on the ACT. Andrew is smart and personable and is a great judge of how to get the best out of your child. Our son scored over 7 points higher on his ACT than his original practice test. We believe that Andrew was primarily responsible for this amazing result. He was able to maximize our son’s potential. He figured out our son’s strengths and weaknesses from the outset and his teaching methodology was executed to perfection. He taught our son simple tricks and reiterated basic English and comprehension skills to get the most out of his existing knowledge. By doing so, he instilled confidence in our son. He then focused on our son’s weaknesses. He has the ability to make complicated concepts appear simple. He would also focus on these difficult concepts until our son felt confidence that he could master them. We could not think of anyone who could have maximized our son’s potential in the way that Andrew did. A huge thank you to Andrew.”
-Mother of Angelo B. (Chaminade, 2018) +7 ACT points

“Our experience at A-List has been wonderful from the first phone call onward. They made every effort to pair our son with the just right tutor and they did just that. Andrew has been a gem. He patient and kind and knew just how to coax the best work from our son. His ACT score went up 3 points! Thanks, A-List.”
-Mother of Luca A. (Dwight School, 2017) 

“The one on one was a good experience. Eric had good rapport with Andrew which encouraged him to do his assignments. It was also beneficial to be able to take the numerous practice tests, so that he was comfortable at the time of the actual testing.”
Mother of Eric D. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2017) +5 ACT points