John Hardin Testimonials

“My tutor John H., was a major help. His help along with that of A-List was the reason I was able to raise my ACT by 7 points, and get into my dream school. I cannot thank the tutoring I received and practice tests enough for the success I had.”
-Jonathan T. (Plainview, 2017) +7 ACT points
Tulane University, Class of 2021

John Hardin was a fantastic tutor. He was able to play to my strengths perfectly and zero in on areas that needed some fine-tuning. His patience and great sense of humor made the weekly sessions something I actually looked forward to.”
Emanuel D. (Ramaz, 2018)

“Working with A-List was really great! I felt that all of the materials I was provided with as well as my tutor, John, really helped to prepare me for every test! My SAT score improved tremendously and this process has really helped me to establish confidence in my own capabilities! Working with A-List was truly a great experience. My SAT score improved tremendously and helped me feel confident in my abilities. All of the provided resources were amazing and really helped prepare me for each test I took!”
Lizzie V. (Great Neck South, 2016) +570 SAT points
New York University, Class of 2020

John Hardin is not your average tutor. The reason I say this is because a typical tutor is not someone that you look forward to seeing each week. You usually never text them on the weekends and they rarely stay overtime at a lesson. This is why John was such an amazing teacher. He went above and beyond anything that I expected from a tutor (and I’m not just saying this because my score went up dramatically). His personality paralleled mine perfectly and he was able to adapt to the style of learning that I needed. John not afraid to give me a wake up call when I began to slack and for that I am extremely grateful. Whether it was through text or email, John would always stay in contact with me, offering words of advice before the SAT. He is not only a good tutor, but also a good person. Thank you to A-List and John Hardin for all the help that you have given me!”
David R. (Wheatley, 2016) +450 SAT points
Stanford University, Class of 2020

“One day I found the A-List brochure somewhere and I was hoping the fact that it had the nicest layout with the most satisfactory reviews would say something. And it sure did. I was recommended to work with John Hardin, a graduate from NYU pursuing a career in theater. He seemed relatable and compatible, and within the first day we already became close friends. More importantly though, John turned out to be one of the brightest young men I’ve met to this day, and the experience of working with him for eight months of time could not have been better. From the first practice test I took, I was able to improve every section by at least 100 points by the time, which is an understatement of how well John taught the SAT to me. Not only can he get a perfect composite score with his eyes closed, but he knows how to teach the test in a way that helps you strategically approach it as opposed to worrying about every question. That approach made me do as well as I did, and was able to get into my top school. Highly recommended!”
Maurice R. (Columbia Prep, 2015) +260 SAT points
George Washington University, Class of 2019

“It was a wonderful program. My tutor, John, was very motivating. He helped me organize my time and our time together, to concentrate on the areas I needed most help with and to not waste time on areas I needed little help with, in a very effective way. He quickly learned who I was academically and taught me how to improve that. I improved more than I ever thought I could due to him and the practiced simulation of the actual test, which was also very helpful.”
Sophie A. (Kellenberg, 2015) +350 SAT points
Binghamton University, Class of 2019

“I had John Hardin as my tutor and I found him to be very helpful in regards to the ACT/SAT. I found that I had just the write amount of homework each week, and whenever I was having trouble with a problem he was always available to teach it to me. My score went up about 300 points on the SAT with the help of John.”
-Sarah Z. (Portledge, 2015) +410 SAT points
SUNY Oneonta, Class of 2019

“Early on in the ACT process I was discouraged by my scores, but with the help of my tutor,John, those thoughts seemed to go away. With his continuous efforts I was able to improve myself in ways that I didn’t even know I could. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the score I got without him.”
-Josh J. (Wheatley, 2015) +5 ACT points
Ohio State University, Class of 2019