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Our Los Angeles office is managed senior tutor, Donna Lazar. With over a decade of tutoring experience (SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, GRE, and a wide range of academic subjects), Donna has helped hundreds of students achieve their testing goals, developed curriculum, and trained new tutors.

Like A-List New York, A-List LA is committed to providing a personalized test preparation experience for students. We offer convenient, in-home tutoring with experienced, dynamic tutors. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that often comes with your typical SAT/ACT course, A-List customizes our tutoring program to meet your student’s specific needs. As part of our program, we also offer weekly practice tests for our students free of charge; practice tests are an essential component of test preparation, as they allow students to become comfortable with the content, format, and timing of the exam in a real testing environment.

For prospective students, we offer a no-commitment meet and greet session. It is a chance for families to meet our tutors and for us to evaluate your student as a test-taker. Simply complete our get started form, and an A-List Los Angeles representative will be in touch with more information about our program and scheduling your first session! Or contact us at 818-305-4728 or alist.la@alisteducation.com. We’re happy to answer any questions and set up a no obligation session to meet with a tutor!

What sets us apart from other tutoring organizations?

What sets us apart from other tutoring organizations?

  • One-on-one, in-home tutoring
    We provide families with a private, personalized test prep solution. Convenience and ease of scheduling are critical for families and students that juggle multiple sports, after-school activities, and the large amount of homework that students face towards the end of high school. We work with your schedule to provide the flexibility you need.
  • A flexible, customized curriculum
    Our curriculum can be customized for each individual student’s needs. A cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all curriculum will not work for a student with particular needs. Whether a student is great at reading comprehension but needs help with grammar skills, or is great at algebra but needs help with geometry, our tutors have the expertise to adapt your student’s lessons to match his or her needs.
  • An integrated approach
    Some programs place emphasis on either strategy or content; our approach is a combination of both. A-List’s curriculum includes a suite of tips, hints, and alternate methods for addressing questions on every exam. But we also address the underlying principles of the test to gain a better understanding of the exam.
  • Quality instruction
    Our educators are not freelancers or contractors—our staff works full-time for A-List. Each one of our tutors is carefully vetted and put through a rigorous training program to ensure both quality and dedication. Make no mistake—as engaging as the lessons can be, there is no replacement for hard work and dedication on behalf of the student. Through quality instruction, we can inspire each student to work to his or her academic potential.
  • Unlimited Weekly Practice Tests
    Practice tests are an essential part of our test prep program. They allow students to get comfortable with the format, timing, and content of the exam in a real testing environment, and to implement the skills and techniques they’re learning in their tutoring sessions. We offer regularly-scheduled practice tests at our office location using only real tests from the College Board and ACT, Inc. Practice diagnostic exams
  • Long-term focus
    Our goal with A-List prep is to ensure broad understanding and create lasting growth in our students’ level of comprehension across the board. Building the right foundation for students through prep leads to more successful students not just for their standardized test, but for every assignment or test they face for the rest of their academic careers.
    Our top students’ score improvements are more than 6x the national average! Our average SAT score improvement is +259 points, and our average ACT score improvement is +4.8 points; our top 25% of students improve +350 SAT points and +6 ACT points!

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

For prospective students, we offer a no-commitment meet and greet session! It is a chance for families to meet our tutors and for us to evaluate your student as a test-taker. We will review any prior scores from previous tests that have been taken (i.e. PSAT, PLAN, practice SATs or ACTs), talk about any questions you might have, discuss a plan for moving forward, and pick possible test dates for the exams. Students will alsohave the opportunity to work through some SAT/ACT concepts and problems, so our tutors can get an idea of their test-taking abilities.

Simply complete our get started form, and an A-List Los Angeles representative will be in touch with more informtion about our program and scheduling your first session!

Otherwise, please call or email our office:

  • Call: 818-305-4728
  • Email: alist.la@alisteducation.com
  • Practice Test Address:
    Los Encinos School
    17100 Ventura Boulevard
    Encino, CA 91316

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Our Los Angeles tutors’ hourly rate begins at $150/hour. That rate includes attendance at practice tests (held on Sundays on a weekly basis throughout the school year). Students will also receive A-List’s proprietary materials– including our SAT/ACT Book of Knowledge.
You can purchase a tutoring package, which includes free bonus hours, or pay-as-you-go per session.

What kind of results can I expect

What kind of results can I expect?

*Students who have worked with an A-List tutor for 20 or more hours. Improvements were calculated by comparing students’ preliminary scores on official ACT practice tests to scores on actual tests administered by the ACT.

Read a few of our testimonials:

“If not for your patience and creative coaching, I really doubt that he would be sitting in the spot he is today!”

“You were great for Timmy and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for him. You made this process extremely smooth and taught him great skills. He looked forward to the weekly lessons.”

Donna Lazar was absolutely wonderful. My daughter looked forward to her sessions with Donna, and she was inspired her to work hard and have confidence. I cannot say enough about what a great tutor she is, and I know my daughter would love to see her again just for fun!”

“We came to A-List after a horrible experience with a so-called SAT tutor that was recommended to us. Since my son was applying to college to also play D-1 LAX – he took the SAT junior year in January. As you may imagine – he did poorly (meanwhile his PSAT scores were high). We were able to jump on the bandwagon and were introduced to Donna Lazar. She was absolutely FABULOUS and helped my son boost up his scores. Her dedication, approach and ability to connect with students is extraordinary. My son loved his time with her and she was able to help him in his strategies and subject matters. I have recommended A-List to anyone who asks, and have recommended Donna to several people – who in fact have used her and feel the same way as we do. Once the tests were over – we were sad to end our time with her. She is a bubbly, fun, and caring person. Thank you for sharing her with us and thank you for a fabulous experience.”

“You did a tremendous job in working and motivating my son. As you well know by now, he is not a serious student. Yet somehow, you were able to reach him. He truly liked working with you. You made him feel like he could achieve great things! We liked you so much, too.”

“Little did I know that A-List would have such a huge effect on my son’s SAT and ACT scores. He took the SAT test twice and increased his score from the PSAT to his second SAT by 360 points! His ACT score was even higher. How was this accomplished?”

Donna knew how to motivate and inspire kids. No matter how difficult a time they were having dealing with a particular section of the test, she would break it down and make it manageable for a student to understand. She was their greatest cheerleader! She made studying fun! She always put a positive spin on what you were doing and made you feel that you could accomplish it.”

“I think you already know how much we appreciate you. As parents, we love your dedication, and personal attention infused with wealth of knowledge that you brought to the kids. You were instrumental in their success. Know this and let this be a joyous part of your heart as how you have affected two other individuals on their path of life. Thank you so much!”

How do I reach you?

How do I reach you?

Again, if you complete our get started form, we’ll reach out to you! Otherwise, please call or email our office:

  • Call: 818-305-4728
  • Email: alist.la@alisteducation.com

Office Address:
A-List Los Angeles
15165 Ventura Blvd, #245
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

We look forward to hearing from you!

What else does A-List do?

What else does A-List do?

Take a look around our site to learn more about A-List! What began as a mission to introduce a new vision of education to a handful of students in 2005 has grown to serve more than 50,000 students and educators a year through our tutoring, school and nonprofit programs. From SAT/ACT instruction boasting the highest average score improvements to professional development programs consistently rated as best in class by teachers around the world, and from revolutionary technology delivering data and analysis to drive targeted educational work to collaborations with leading institutions in an effort to level the playing field, A-List puts students and teachers first.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, and Shanghai — and a network of partners stretching across the United States and around the world — we believe that education is the foundation upon which all our futures are built.

Don’t forget to complete our get started form to provide us with more information about your student. An A-List Los Angeles representative will give you a call within a few days to answer any of your questions about our program and to get you matched with the right tutor!



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