Andre Rivie

Program Coordinator, New York
Columbia University (BA)
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT, English, Philosophy

Andre holds a BA from Columbia University, where he majored in both English Literature and Philosophy. Shortly after graduating, he began his teaching career as an ESL instructor in Seoul, South Korea. Upon returning to New York in 2014 with a newfound affinity for language education (and kimchi), Andre taught ESL in a variety of contexts and began tutoring academic subjects for several well-known tutoring companies.

Andre joined A-List in early 2015 as an SAT program instructor, and since has taught more than 30 programs and hundreds of students for schools and educational organizations throughout NYC and New Jersey. He makes use of his diverse background of experience daily, appreciating fully how each class and student might benefit from a unique approach or pedagogical technique.

Outside of the classroom, Andre is a devoted guitarist with a wide range of musical interests. He will never say no to a live show, and is known to incorporate what he’s learned from music and the arts into his academic lessons.