Ari S.

Tutor, New York
Northwestern University (BA)
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT, Spanish
Score Improvements: +8 ACT points (average improvement) +10 ACT points (highest improvement) | +140 SAT points (average improvement) +190 SAT points (highest improvement) | On average, A-List students improve 4-6 ACT points.

Born and bred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ari graduated cum laude from Northwestern University with a double major in Political Science and Theatre. In school, Ari held many leadership roles including Peer Advisor, which entailed helping new students with understanding the campus, college culture, and difficult schoolwork assignments. Since moving to New York in 2016, Ari has worked for numerous test preparation companies, working with over 100 students on the SAT, ACT, and SHSAT (New York Specialized High School Admissions Test). In addition to tutoring, Ari is an emerging screenwriter and filmmaker, writing and editing several projects at a time with his production company Means of Productions. When he is not writing or shepherding youths on their paths to college acceptance, Ari enjoys hiking, cheering on his Green Bay Packers, and using Oxford commas.

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