Callan Suozzi-Rearic

Office Manager & College Advisor, New York
Skidmore College (BA)

Originally from a small town in Vermont, Callan graduated from Skidmore College Summa Cum Laude with honors in Theater. Throughout her four years at Skidmore Callan worked in Skidmore’s admissions office, starting as a Student Ambassador, and then becoming the Head Arts Student Ambassador. Upon graduation she moved into the position of Alumni Interviewer. Throughout her time at Skidmore, Callan gained an affinity for helping high school students work through the college admissions process and mentored many students both at Skidmore and on a freelance basis. She has also worked as a teacher and tutor for various subjects ranging from basic computer skills to mathematics to stage fighting. She is currently living in Manhattan and pursuing a career as an actor and fight choreographer.

“From the first phone call to set up our first meeting, Callan was sweet, genuine, and flexible to work with us. Upon meeting her and working with her over several months Callan proved to be not only a wonderful role model to my daughter but also bright, structured, flexible, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and sought out answers to questions I had regarding a certain nursing program, etc. Callan prepped Fiona with 13 college applications, having her organize which supplemental essays they would tackle each week and making sure to cross every T and dot every I. Emotions would run high throughout this time between my daughter and myself, and Callan seemed to be able to keep us all calm and focused, which was no easy task. As Fiona’s ACT score improved, Callan would help us add and subtract schools accordingly. Callan never failed to listen to Fiona’s wishlist as well as mine and ultimately come up with a balance between reach schools and safety schools. We could have never it done it without Callan. She was literally a life saver!”

-Mother of Fiona H. (Jericho High School, 2018) +13 ACT points

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