Dhinakaran “DK” C.

Program Teacher, New York
University of Pennsylvania ’09 and Cornell University ’13
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT

A biomedical engineer by training (U.Penn ’09 and Cornell ’13), DK is currently completing his MBA (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ’16-’18) and constructing a new company in NYC. He truly enjoys teaching the bright minds of our generation and giving back to society in a civic-minded way. The subjects which attract him the most are Math and the Sciences, but he also teaches French, which is his native language as he grew up in Mauritius, an African island off the coast of Madagascar. As someone who likes to understand the world around him, DK took an avid interest in studying Economics in undergraduate studies at Penn. Currently, he is training to get his Taekwondo Black Belt and spends his free time reading about politics and listening to music from around the globe. He looks forward to bringing his enthusiasm and passion for teaching to the A-List team and to those who he is lucky to pass on knowledge and insight to!