Eliza H.

Tutor & College Advisor, New York
Oberlin College (BA)
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT
Score Improvements: +6 ACT points (average improvement) +10 ACT points (highest improvement) | +110 SAT points (average improvement) +260 SAT points (highest improvement)

Originally from New Jersey, Eliza scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and was an AP Scholar with Honor and a National Merit Scholar in high school. After graduation, she headed west to attend Oberlin College, known for its commitment to academics, sustainability, social justice and entrepreneurship. An avid reader and writer, Eliza put her skills to work as managing editor of the campus environmental magazine, and as a member of the college newspaper’s editing and photography staff. An opportunity to teach an outdoor classroom curriculum sparked her interest in education, which was strengthened when she participated in a study abroad program in Vietnam where she gained experience working with translators and teaching English on the go. After graduating from Oberlin, Eliza returned to the New York Metro Area and began to focus on teaching. For the past several years as an SAT/ACT tutor, Eliza has worked individually with students to improve their test-taking skills, with a specific focus on reading comprehension and rhetoric. After working on the testing side of the college application process for many years, she is now assisting students with college application essays, encouraging them to become confident writers in order to achieve their college admission goals. When she’s not tutoring or editing essays, Eliza can be found tending to her garden in Brooklyn, or exploring the streets of NYC in search of the perfect doughnut.

“Eliza was a wonderful, focused, encouraging, and organized tutor for Daria. Daria enjoyed her lessons with Eliza and learned many techniques and skills to help her improve her ACT scores. She worked with Eliza for 9 months. She struggled with the test and Eliza kept her motivated and positive and pushed her to reach her personal goal. Her ACT score went up 7 points. We are thrilled with our A-List experience.”
-Mother of Daria B. (Roslyn High School, 2018) +7 ACT points

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