Folasona O.

Program Teacher, New York
Howard University (BS)
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT

Folasona Olorunsola was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado until he left for D.C. to attend Howard University on a full academic scholarship, which he received partly due to his strong and focused performance on the SAT. Along the way to earning his B.S. in Mathematics, he got his first test-prep teaching experience by volunteering with fellow Howard students to tutor SAT a local D.C. high school. He later spent some time in California where he gained professional experience teaching SAT Math, the SAT Biology and Chemistry subject tests, and tutoring various other subjects. He later taught high school Algebra and Geometry in Los Angeles before moving to NYC where he obtained a Masters Degree in Ethno-musicolgy at NYU.

Aside from teaching, his number one passion is music. He is a percussionist, who has spent much time studying Afro-Cuban drumming (particularly bata), a producer who owns a small home studio, and a talented rapper and songwriter. He also enjoys traveling, dancing to Afrobeats, (trying) to dance salsa, spending time outdoors / in nature, and exercising to stay active and in shape. He is currently intent on learning his father’s language, Yoruba, to complement his semi-decent understanding of Spanish, excellent understanding of English, and rapidly expanding understanding of the language of rhythm, melody, and harmony.