James Patton

Tutor | New York

James calls Nashville home, where he debated on the national level for Montgomery Bell Academy and received a degree in Classics magna cum laude from Vanderbilt. He started tutoring while still at Vandy, working for Nashville’s top shop. After graduating, he moved to help open its Atlanta branch as right-hand-man. When he moved to New York, James quickly established himself at A-List as vital senior staff, handling difficult cases, opening new territories, anchoring new programs with non-profits or unions, and filling in reliably on materials, professional development, new hire training, or whatever other problem needed a fixer. Moreover, he spent much of his time pillaging A-List’s brain trust, ransacking his colleagues’ minds while bringing to the table his own knowledge and study of Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Bushido, and of course, Latin and Classics. He also set new company records for all-time highest score increases. He has returned to the South with a head full of intellectual plunder, a rare depth and breath of first-and-second-hand experience gathered painstakingly over the last twelve years. Since his orthopedist wife gave him doctor’s orders to stop playing Australian Football, James now leavens his rampant nerd factor with trips to the mine where he dug up the diamond in her engagement ring, and half-serious requests that Legal allow him to tutor champagne sabering.