John H.

Tutor & Program Teacher, New York
New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (BA)
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT, SSAT
Score Improvements: +7 ACT points (average improvement) +12 ACT points (highest improvement) | +77 SAT points (average improvement) +150  SAT points (highest improvement)

John Hardin hails from Millis, Massachusetts. He first began his teaching career with a summer stint at Princeton University, educating elementary and middle-school children on the art and history of theater. Working to inspire and entertain young minds those few months sparked a love of education in him that has lead to work in many other regions and fields; over the six years since that summertime experiment, John has taught Acting, Chess, English Literature, Stage Combat, Japanese History and Culture, Guitar, and of course the ACT and SAT in schools and programs throughout the Tri-State Area and the nation.

Within the city, John’s two great passions are Shakespeare and the chessboard. However, in addition to these intellectual pursuits John is also an avid outdoors-man, and has spent many summers canoeing, hiking, and camping around the Northeast and Canada. One of the proudest achievements of his life is still the summer of 2004, when he traveled 350 kilometers by canoe in the Quebec wilderness to reach an Inuit settlement on Hudson Bay. His experiences in the great outdoors have taught him the immense value of personal responsibility and a sense of optimism, virtues he attempts to instill in his students at every turn.

John graduated with honors from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and is currently a proud resident of Queens.

“My tutor John H., was a major help. His help along with that of A-List was the reason I was able to raise my ACT by 7 points, and get into my dream school. I cannot thank the tutoring I received and practice tests enough for the success I had.”
-Jonathan T. (Plainview, 2017) +7 ACT points
Tulane University, Class of 2021

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