Kimberly O.

Tutor, New York
Harvard University (BA)
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT, English, US History, European History
Score Improvements: +5 ACT points (average improvement) +10 ACT points (highest improvement) | We are still accumulating data on score improvements for the new SAT. On average, A-List students improve 150-200 SAT points.

Kimberly Onah, originally from Staten Island, NY, is excited to be returning to the city after five long, cold years in Boston, MA. Kim graduated from Harvard University in 2015, with a BA in English Literature and Music. Her parents continue to ask her, “What does one do with a BA in English”; a question she is still working on answering. During her time at Harvard, Kim worked as a tutor at the Harvard Student Agencies (HSA), where she developed a passion for mentorship. She tutored everything from SAT & ACT to Math and AP US History. In order to indulge her love of mentorship and teaching, Kim worked closely with the Harvard English Department to create a Peer Advising Committee, an initiative through which students new to the concentration were assigned upperclassman mentors/student advisors. Aside from her academic pursuits, Kim was heavily involved in Musical Theater and A Cappella at Harvard. Since graduating, she has composed a song cycle about the minority experience in America, acted in two professional productions, and performed at a number of cabaret clubs. Kim is currently working as an actress and singer in New York, and hopes to continue pursuing a career in the arts.

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