Kryzia Garces

School & Institutional Partnerships Coordinator, New York
LaGuardia Community College

A native New Yorker hailing from Queens, Kryzia has been with A-List since early 2014. As a Schools and Institutional Partnerships (SIP) Coordinator, she assists with logistics for many of A-List schools, organizations, and non-profits. Affectionately called “The Portal Master” by colleagues, she also works closely with the A-List test assessment platform used by tens of thousands of students worldwide.

In the time following her high school graduation, Kryzia opted to join the workforce instead of immediately heading to college. She eventually attended and studied Financial Operations and Project Management at Year Up, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young adults by preparing them for their professional careers. After she graduated from the program in 2014, Kryzia applied to A-List—which had helped build Year Up’s mathematics curriculum—and was quickly welcomed into the family.

A few months into joining the A-Team, Kryzia began to study again for the SAT with the help of A-List Senior Tutor, Sherwyn Fullington. Within a few months, her scores improved by almost 400 points, which inspired her to head back to school. She is currently a full-time Liberal Arts student at LaGuardia Community College, while still working full-time at A-List.