Matthew Bailin

Tutor & Program Teacher | New York

Willamette University (BA)

A Graduate of Willamette University, Matthew Bailin is a state-certified math teacher and has a combined 4 years of classroom experience teaching test prep, AP Statistics and AP Calculus, and debate in live and online environments. Matthew scored in the 99th percentile his SAT, ACT and GRE exams and has worked with more than 700 students on topics ranging from multivariable calculus to creative writing. He also won an essay contest on the poet Jorie Graham.

Matthew hails from Las Vegas, NV, and somehow wasn’t raised in a hotel! In Las Vegas, Matthew was the head tutor of 2400 Expert, the largest provider of test-prep services in the state of Nevada. Matthew has taken the success he found at 2400 Expert to start his New York teaching career at A-List.

When he is not teaching, Matthew enjoys strength training, outdoor excursions, and playing in the stock market.