Paige Goodloe

Tutoring Client Coordinator, New York
New York University (BFA)

Paige is a native Virginian who moved to the city in 2009 to attend New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she received acting training at the Atlantic Acting School conservatory. She also completed a rigorous theater studies course and participated in a 6-week summer abroad trip to Cyprus to assist on an archaeological dig. Paige graduated in 2013 as an honors scholar, and was a recipient of the Founder’s Day Award for academic excellence. In her post-college years Paige returned to the Atlantic Acting School to work in the admissions office, where she quickly grew to love guiding students through the application and audition process. She greatly enjoys helping teenagers realize that their dreams and passions are within reach through time and hard work, and hopes to continue helping students succeed at A-List. In her free time, Paige has written and performed over a dozen solo-performance pieces, many of which explore the intersection between education and theater. Paige is an avid reader and enjoys cooking, documentaries, and animals of all kinds (yes, even spiders).