Mishi Castroverde Testimonials

We were so happy to welcome Mishi back into our home again to work with another one of our children. We had great success the first time, and Mishi did not disappoint the second and third time (all 3 of my kids worked with her). All of my kids achieved their goal scores and loved working with Mishi. We would highly recommend her!
-Mother of Hayley B. (Beacon, 2019) +170 SAT points

“Deciding to join A-List as a student was a great move for my college career that I could never possibly regret. The experience helped me secure an SAT score that I did not think was possible for me. The highlight of my experience was my time with my tutor, Mishi. Mishi kept me focused and enthusiastic on the track to securing a good score. Every question i went over, she seemed to have the perfect answer that made me realize the explanations behind the mistakes I made. She was also very diligent in meeting any needs or questions I had over text and email.”
Kasim W. (Half Hollow Hills, 2018)

“A tutor- student relationship is a long term one. Mishi and I worked many long hours together, exchanged countless texts and emails, and occasionally chatted about our daily lives. She is the best tutor I could have hope for; she motivated me to work harder and gave me the proper skillset to achieve my goals. Not only was she an excellent tutor but also I really got to know her as a person. It’s nice to be able to work with someone you not only respect, but also enjoy spending time with. I was lucky enough to get into my top choice University, and I really don’t think I could have done it without her.”
Jessica S. (Columbia Prep, 2017)
Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2021

“I am very happy that I had the chance to work with A-List. My tutor Mishi was very encouraging and taught me all the skills that worked well for me and that helped improve my score by 7 times. The weekly practice tests were also very helpful in allowing me to get used to the testing environment. Overall I am very happy with my experience with A-List!”
Naeha P. (Herricks, 2017) +7 ACT points

Mishi was a great tutor & a great resource. Our Daughter felt very prepared for the ACT test. Her practice tests started at 33, writing in the high 20’s and Mishi was able to help her move her final score to a 35 and her final writing to a 36. Our daughter appreciated the weekly practice tests that replicated actual test conditions. We have recommended A-List to friends and will continue to do so in the future.”
Mother of Nika M. (Hunter College HS, 2017) +2 ACT points (perfect score of 35!)

“Mishi is the best tutor ever! I’m telling everyone I know about her.”
Robin E. (Roslyn, 2017) +6 ACT points
Penn State, Class of 2021

“I think A-List is a great organization. I was fortunate enough to have Mishi Castroverde as my tutor. I definitely recommend her to any student studying for the ACT. She made learning each subject fun and presented new topics in an engaging fashion.”
Gabriel B. (Fieldston, 2016) +9 ACT points
Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2020

Mishi was very easy to work with and my son respected, listened to and worked extremely well with her. He increased his ACT score by 6 points! We were extremely happy with A-list. Mishi Castroverde helped him raise his score by 6 points to a 34. We are thrilled and would highly recommend her. Thank you Mishi and thank you A-List!!!”
Mother of Adam B. (LaGuardia, 2016) +6 ACT points
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016

Mishi helped me improve by 4 points in just a few months on my ACT once we figured out that the SAT wasn’t for me and the ACT was a better fit. She was very helpful with hints and the process and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor!”
Annie T. (Great Neck South, 2016) +4 ACT points
University of Maryland, Class of 2020

“I loved having so many opportunities to take practice exams. I never felt as though I would run out of things to study, which was comforting. I think you guys have a really effective system. I also LOVED my tutor, Mishi. She really understood the way that I learned personally and was able to use that insight to help me grow past what I thought I was capable of. I actually found myself looking forward to our sessions, and in the end, I reached a higher score than I had ever anticipated. She had so much faith in me and really helped me to harness my own self confidence.”
Samantha G. (Roslyn, 2016) +4 ACT points
Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2020

Mishi was a wonderful tutor for my son. She totally understood him as a student and pushed him in the right direction. Mishi also gave good advice about test taking skills. She was definitely instrumental in helping him to get higher scores.”
Mother of Ethan N. (Wheatley, 2016) +7 ACT points

Mishi Castroverde was a great tutor. She was extremely friendly and she dedicated a lot of her time to pin pointing the exact skills that I needed the most help on. She pushed me to succeed and I increased 240 points on the SAT in less than 3 months! I would recommend her to anyone going through the SAT or ACT process because she is very friendly and supportive and definitely experienced.”
Niki E. (Dwight, 2015) +240 SAT points
Wesleyan University, Class of 2019

“My experience with my tutor, Mishi, was wonderful and I feel very fortunate to have had her as my tutor. She made the strenuous standardized testing experience and college application process more comfortable. When we worked on the ACT together, she focused on my weaknesses and tried to find the strategies that were best suited for me. I ended up improving my scores on the sections that I struggled in most and received scores that I never thought I would receive. After the ACT, we worked on my college supplemental essays together. The essays turned out to be creative and outstanding. Mishi tried her hardest to help me bring out my full potential and passion through words and worked with me to make each and every essay perfect. I’m grateful to have met Mishi and to have worked with her. I would be totally lost without her. She is very helpful, supportive, and easy to talk to. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor.”
Sabrina Y. (Manhasset, 2015) +7 ACT points

“I loved working with my tutor Mishi. She was very helpful, motivating, and understanding.”
Caitlyn K. (Manhasset, 2015) +4 ACT points
Georgetown University, Class of 2019

“My son had taken some SAT courses. The tutoring was less time-consuming and more effective. His score increased 100 points from March to May after about 6 tutoring sessions. Both my son and I liked Mishi’s style. She held his attention and was able to explain things clearly to him in a way that he understood. She focused on his weaknesses. I will definitely request Mishi for my daughter.”
Mother of Matthew C. (Manhasset, 2015) +120 SAT points
Wake Forest University, Class of 2019

Mishi was wonderful! The practice test location was also very convenient. They supplied us with the proper materials as well.”
-Melissa W. (Roslyn, 2015) +11 ACT points
University of Texas at Austin, Class of 2019

“A-List made what I thought was the unimaginable possible. Without a-list I don’t know how I would have gotten the score I received My tutor Mishi really helped and we worked very well together she really knows how to teach the material in a way that I could learn best. The books were also very clear and easy to comprehend I already recommended a list to people taking the ACT next year.”
Emuna K. (SAR Academy, 2015) +380 SAT points

Mishi was a wonderful tutor for my son. She totally understood him as a student and pushed him in the right direction. Mishi also gave good advice about test taking skills. She was definitely instrumental in helping him to get higher scores.”
Mother of Ethan C. (Wheatley, 2015) +470 SAT points

“We were very pleased with the private tutoring in our home and the abundance of test availability for practice.”
Jessica M. (Bellmore JFK, 2015) +4 ACT points

“I worked with Mishi for over a year, and I can honestly say I would not have wanted to work with any other tutor. I started off struggling with the SAT, but made a 490 point improvement! This was all due to my tutor’s dedication and the weekly practice tests that were available. I then began taking the ACT, in which I made a 5 point improvement! A-List has not only told students about their success stories, but has made more and more every year.”
Casey S. (Bellmore JFK, 2014) +490 SAT points

Mishi was just wonderful. Her guidance and encouragement helped my son succeed with his final try with the act. In about 8 weeks he went up 5 points which changed the playing field for college. Both my son and I thought she was fabulous. She’s also a pleasure to work with.”
Mother of Chase S. (Jericho, 2014) +6 ACT points
University of Florida, Class of 2018