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FREE SAT/ACT Practice Test for NYC Students & Info Session for Parents

A-List is inviting NYC students to attend a free SAT or ACT practice test on March 19th or March 26th! The test will take place at 2pm at A-List’s NYC Office located at 29 W 36th Street, New York, NY 10018 (click here for directions). In addition to attending the practice test, students/parents will receive an extensive score report detailing performance on the exam by section, subject matter, and question type as well as a complementary phone consultation to go over students’ scores. To attend the practice exam and informational session, please complete the registration form below.

On April 4th and 12th at 6PM we will also be hosting college admissions seminars at our NYC office featuring our Director of College Advising, Anna Marie Smith She will be discussing what to look for when researching schools and what makes a strong college application and essay. Parents and students are welcome. To register for our college admissions event, please use the same form below. In addition to these offerings, we are hosting a number of college admissions webinars, seminars, spring break workshops, CommonApp consultations, and college application boot camps over the coming months- check out our Upcoming Events page for more details!

To learn more and to register for Long Island College Advisor Michael Binder’s library events (as promoted in our mailing) please click here.

“With the help of A-List, I miraculously improved my ACT score and was accepted into my first choice college. A-List tutors possess an immense talent to present information to students in a way that maximizes comprehension. Without the support and teachings from A-List and its tutors, I would not have experienced such great success in the college process.” 
-Brett S., +8 ACT points, Riverdale 2015, Cornell 2019

NYC Practice Test Registration + Parent Info Session Registration

NYC Score Improvements

Maxwell H. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2013) + 9 ACT points
David M. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2013) + 5 ACT points
Ryan P. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2014) + 7 ACT points
Michael P. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2016) + 6 ACT points
Dimash S. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2016) + 6 ACT points
Damir T. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2015) + 3 ACT points
Taylor F. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2012) + 340 SAT points
Stephen D. (Calhoun, 2016) + 4 ACT points
Stephanie S. (Calhoun, 2015) + 5 ACT points
Emily R. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2013) + 480 SAT points
Regan S. (Chapin, 2016) + 6 ACT points
Lexi L. (Columbia Prep, 2012) + 3 ACT points
Melanie R. (Columbia Prep, 2016) + 3 ACT points
Sam S. (Columbia Prep, 2014) + 4 ACT points
Nicole S. (Columbia Prep, 2013) + 15 ACT points
Jesse S. (Columbia Prep, 2016) + 7 ACT points
Cameron K. (Dwight School, 2014) + 8 ACT points
Cory K. (Dwight School, 2015) + 6 ACT points
Maxwell B. (Fieldston, 2014) + 5 ACT points
David M. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2013) + 450 SAT points
Gabriel B. (Fieldston, 2016) + 10 ACT points
Rachel T. (Calhoun, 2012) + 340 SAT points
Christian B. (Fieldston, 2016) + 5 ACT points
Alex K. (Browning, 2017) + 8 ACT points
Taylor S. (Calhoun, 2012) + 370 SAT points
Billy T. (Horace Mann, 2015) + 4 ACT points
Annie K. (Birch Wathen Lenox, 2013) + 380 SAT points
Brett S. (Riverdale, 2015) + 4 ACT points
Edith H. (Horace Mann, 2016) + 6 ACT points
Finn G. (Dwight School, 2017) + 4 ACT points
Jenna S. (Riverdale, 2013) + 5 ACT points
Michelle S. (Calhoun, 2017) + 5 ACT points