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A-List Education is the perfect ACT and SAT prep services program because we are dedicated to helping your students, along with improving the way they take tests. Our education program offers ACT and SAT prep services with effective teaching methods, training and materials. Additionally, we offer advising services to guide families through the entire college application process. We have two onsite locations, one in New York and the other in the United Kingdom, but we also provide services to national students as well through our online sessions. Let A-List help your student succeed.

SAT or ACT Prep: 4 Things Every Parent Should Keep in Mind

Getting Results

Why Choose A-List?

A-List surpasses the competition, providing the very best in-home SAT/ACT tutoring customized to meet the needs of individual students.
Success With Thousands Of Students
A-List has successfully worked with tens of thousands of students from all over the northeastern United States and around the world preparing them for both the SAT and ACT (online tutoring available for students outside the NY Tri-State area).
Raise SAT/ACT Scores

Our students see dramatic improvements on their test scores. The top 25% of our students improve their ACT score by an average of 7 points. On the SAT, the top 25% of our students improved by an average of 230 points.
Perfect Tutor Match

We recognize the importance of pairing students, based on learning style and personality, to a tutor that is a perfect match. If the tutor isn’t a good fit, we’ll work to find someone else; and there’s no risk involved.
Superior Materials

We write and research our own proprietary materials. A-List’s SAT/ACT Books of Knowledge are not only being used by A-List students, but by students and educators around the world through our nonprofit partnerships and professional development programs.
Experts In Our Field

A-List is recognized as the authority on the SAT and ACT. We work with over 700 schools and organizations globally and are chosen by many leading organizations to train their staff in our methods and materials.
Inclusive Practice Exams

We host regular practice tests on weekends- unlimited for all of our clients. Practice diagnostic exams allow students to get comfortable taking exams in a real testing environment, and to implement the skills and techniques they’re learning in their tutoring sessions.

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A-List by the Numbers

97% of clients were “extremely satisfied” with their overall experience with A-List.

A-List’s top students improve:

+9.6 points on the ACT

+266 points on the SAT improvement