A-List Accelerate

A-List is excited to announce the official launch of our new program: A-List Accelerate. It’s never too early for students to set themselves up for college success. The program is intended to help students from middle school to high school develop:

  • Optimal study habits
  • Time management skills
  • Prioritization techniques

Accelerate students will learn to organize their tasks and get (and stay) ahead in school. Tutors will work to ensure students are in their best position academically, and that they are making the right choices (class selection, extracurricular involvement etc.) to stand out on college applications. The skills developed will help students prepare for the rigors of each new academic challenge, while instilling good habits needed for success in college.

Like with tutoring or advising hours, A-List Accelerate packages can be purchased. Pricing begins at $185/hour for Long Island families, $165/hour for NYC families, and $150 for online tutoring.


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    Expert Instructors

    A-List’s instructors are a group of passionate educators that all bring their own unique and personal approach to each student they teach. Each ACT or SAT tutor is carefully vetted and put through a...

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    Customized Tutoring Plans

    A-List recognizes that no two students are alike, and as such, every A-List student receives a custom learning plan designed by their tutor. This personalized blueprint...

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    Highest Score Improvements

    A-List believes that it is essential for us to be transparent with our students and families. Part of that transparency comes from us being able to provide accurate and...

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    Flexible Scheduling

    Part of having the right tutor is having a tutor that fits your schedule. Convenience and ease of scheduling are critical for families and students that juggle multiple sports, after-school activities...

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    Official Practice Tests

    One of the most crucial elements to running a successful program is offering full-length, proctored practice tests regularly. Taking diagnostic exams on a consistent basis is one of the best ways stud...

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    Online Tutoring Available

    A-List Education offers SAT, PSAT, GRE, and ACT tutoring online, as well as training for numerous other standardized tests. Online tutoring can be a great option for students that attend boarding scho...

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    Strategy & Content Focus

    A-List uses an integrated approach focusing on both strategy and content. Our curriculum and materials include a suite of tips, hints, and alternate methods for address...

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    Extensively-Researched Materials

    A-List provides every student with engaging study materials based on extensive research ...

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