Athletic Recruiting

A-List offers highly informative guidance for school athletes looking to pursue a sport at the collegiate level.  Our approach is to provide assistance in managing the initial school contact, recruiting, scholarship and admissions processes and to describe what competing at the college level entails. We will not represent or recommend you to universities, but rather empower you with the information to market yourself effectively and make your own decisions under our guidance. This has proven a popular, cost-effective and successful approach with both clients and coaches. Our full athletic recruiting service assists with:

  • Initial Assessment: Finding the best fit athletic programs
  • Recruiting: Targeting universities to meet your athletic and academic needs
  • Attracting Interest: Marketing yourself as a student athlete
  • Scholarships/funding: Researching potential athletic scholarships
  • Admissions Processes: Advising throughout the application and admissions process, factoring athletics into the overall process
  • Managing the relationship with the coaching staff
  • Conveying what competing at the college level entails: Timeframe and regulations
  • Counseling and support: Coordinating the challenges of life split between the classroom and sports

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