Career Advising

Our students will often survive their years in high school and college, but come out on the other side with a number of questions about getting started on a career path. While colleges often have career centers, when students are in school and their full time “job” is being a student, often what comes next is the furthest thing from their minds. This is where A-List’s career advising services can offer a lot of support. Our career coaching services include the following components:

  • Brainstorming: Helping young adults think through the appropriate websites, companies, and personal connections for their career goals and interests
  • Researching: Finding internship programs and/or job opportunities
  • Resume & Application Support: Optimizing your resume to best market yourself as an applicant and helping guide you through the job application process
  • Copy Letter: Assisting with writing strategy and editing
  • Interview Coaching: Helping you feel prepared for and confident with your job interviews
  • Life Coaching: Helping you figure out what’s next and setting you on the right path after college

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