Pre-School Advising

Education decisions for your child start early. And particularly in the NYC system, the process can be extraordinarily complex. The preschool your student attends can have an impact on many future education opportunities. A-List is pleased to offer the valuable and supportive service of pre-school advising. Our advising consists of the following components:

  • Selection: Choosing schools that are a fit for your family
  • Researching Admit Rates: Finding out how many student openings each school has available
  • Assessments: Helping you decide whether to have your child take the Gifted & Talented test to determine eligibility for gifted programs
  • Scheduling and Preparation: Setting up school tours and helping prepare for parent and student interviews
  • Applications: Creating a timeline to stay on top of application due dates, completing applications, and managing offers and acceptances
  • Financial Aid Advising: Finding and securing scholarships and financing options
  • Ongoing Assistance: Providing non-stop support and answering your questions throughout the admissions process

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