Expert Instructors

A-List Education accepts about one out of every hundred applications received to be a tutor with us. Because of this, our team of tutors is highly vetted and educated. All of our tutors and instructors hold college degrees, some with Master’s degrees. Among our instructors are graduates from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania.

Expert Tutoring

Our rigorous training program includes 100 hours of training before they work with students and clients. All of the A-list Education SAT and ACT instructors must have previous experience teaching in a classroom setting and be educators that bring a dedicated, passionate approach to each student. This means that their students are among some of the highest score improvements in the industry.

Expert tutoring means that our education consultants, instructors and tutors will work with each of our students to ensure that they are prepared for to take the LSAT, SAT, ACT or other tests.

Our staff also includes college advisors and professional consultants who can help with matters concerning admissions, learning disabilities and financial aid when considering universities.

Meet our team of expert instructors and education consultants from A-list Education. Whether you are looking for LSAT tutoring or need help preparing for the ACT, the expert tutors at A-List Education can help!