Audrey Serel

Audrey Serel has been involved in the educational field for the last twenty-eight years. Audrey began Options4You after raising her children and effectively completing the college process with them. Audrey is well versed in all different learning disciplines. Her own children had varied academic needs. Her eldest is academically gifted and her youngest struggled with learning disabilities from the age of 3. He is currently attending a top university, receives accommodations and is accomplishing his goals stupendously.

Due to Audrey’s educational background and personal experiences, she is able to successfully work with all learning disciplines. Her adage is “I am an equal opportunity educator.” Audrey’s clientele is not limited to the learning disabled arena. Audrey has also successfully placed students into highly competitive universities.

She is a professional member of the following organizations: Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA), National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and Higher Educational Counseling Association (HECA).