Dr. Odey Raviv

Dr. Odey Raviv is a learning specialist and educational consultant who has worked for over 30 years with students facing academic challenges. He has always been fascinated with helping students of all ages learn and thrive. Since his first experiences as a teenager working with children, he has known that becoming an educator was his destiny.

Dr. Raviv began his career by teaching in the toughest neighborhoods of New York City. He then pursued a doctoral degree in the education of exceptional students at the University of Florida where he he was granted a doctoral fellowship to research learning differences and social acceptance. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Raviv resumed and broadened his work in education by developing a career which encompasses being a learning specialist, professor, administrator, consultant, advisor, mentor, educational therapist, and coach throughout New York City and Long Island.

Focusing his work on students encountering learning differences, attention deficits, inconsistent motivation, and memory weaknesses, Dr. Raviv demystifies the learning process by teaching alternative strategies. He stimulates each client’s awareness of his or hers particular strengths so those strengths can be put to use to overcome or compensate for areas of weakness. By developing an individualized program to teach critical thinking skills, alternative learning and study approaches, and reading strategies, students build skills that can positively impact their high school performance and prepare them for their college studies.

Dr. Raviv specializes in counseling and advising special needs students and those with accommodations in choosing the right college that will address their needs and support them as they reach their academic potential. In examining the student’s unique learning approaches, individual abilities, and career goals, Dr. Raviv, together with the student and his/her family, pinpoints the colleges that best meet the particular needs of the student.