Naama Potok

Naama Potok graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University, with a degree in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. She then earned an academic scholarship from Oxford University, where she received a Masters of Philosophies in Oriental Studies.

Well versed in numerous learning modalities among children and young adults, Ms. Potok has over a decade of Differentiated Instruction experience in Elementary and Middle School classrooms, and has taught all aspects of a Humanities curriculum. Whether she is using a theme-based approach to learning, weaving together literary and historical narratives, writing her own curricular materials, or strengthening basic-through-advanced skill sets, Ms. Potok brings a focused and calm presence to her tutoring sessions. She nurtures her students’ intellectual and creative potential, setting high standards and clear expectations. Ms. Potok has supported students in New York City’s most rigorous schools, including Hunter, Collegiate, and Stuyvesant. She has taught foundational through advanced skills in English Language, Creative Writing, Reading, Research and Writing Skills, History, Text Analysis, Social Studies, Time Management and Organizational Skills, and Hebrew Language and Literature.

Ms. Potok is also a published short story writer and an actor.