SAT & ACT Practice Tests

A-List proctors full length practice tests for the SAT and ACT at four locations throughout New York and New Jersey. You can find us in Midtown Manhattan, Manhasset, Garden City and Tenafly. 

How to Register for Practice Tests

  • A-List Students: Register for practice exams by selecting one of the locations below and completing our online registration form.
  • Non-A-List Students: Students not enrolled in A-List’s tutoring program can attend our practice tests by paying a $150/test fee. If you are interested in this testing service, please complete this form. An A-List representative will contact you to confirm details and take payment information.
  • The deadline to register is 5pm on the Friday before your scheduled exam. 

Can’t make it to an on-site practice test? Try out our ACT & SAT Self-Proctoring Guide!

Questions about practice tests or looking to take an exam in your area? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call 646-216-9187 or email

To register for one of our regular ACT and SAT practice tests, choose a testing site below!

What to Bring to Your Practice Test

  • #2 Pencils (we will have some pencils available on site)
  • Calculator
  • Test provided by your tutor (we will also have tests on site, but students should be aware which tests/form codes they’ve already taken)
  • You may bring: water + snacks if desired (nothing noisy like chips), watch/clock with no other features (no smart watches), cell phone (only to be used during breaks)

7 Reasons Why Proctored Tests are Important for ACT Practice and SAT Practice

Whether you’re practicing for the ACT or SAT, an essential step in getting where you want to go is knowing where you currently stand. Taking an ACT practice test or an SAT practice test can help you discover areas for growth and help you determine realistic goals. Though taking portions of the test at home is a great way to judge your comprehension immediately, a proctored practice exam provides many benefits that take-home tests cannot. Here are six reasons why proctored ACT and SAT practice tests should be a part of your prep schedule:

  1. Helps reduce test day nerves: Going into any test not knowing what to expect can cause you to feel nervous and hinder your focus and mental processes. Taking a full-length practice test as a part of your ACT prep or SAT prep program can help you mentally prepare for test day.
  2. Builds your stamina: It’s no secret that college admission tests are long and strenuous. They require long hours of focus, attention, and stamina to complete. Taking practice tests can help to build the strength you need to be successful and perform well on test day.
  3. Familiarizes you with timing and test lengths: One of the most difficult parts of standardized tests can be learning how to pace yourself. By taking the ACT and SAT practice tests, you can get a feel for the timing and create a plan.
  4. Helps discover strengths and weaknesses: Taking practice tests helps you become aware of what areas you have mastered and which ones still need attention. If you find that you’re struggling with a particular portion of the test, you can better tailor your ACT prep or SAT prep program to accommodate your needs.
  5. Predicts your official test score: Our official SAT and ACT practice tests come straight from the test maker, meaning that you’ll get an accurate representation of how you would do on test day.
  6. Creates Benchmarks in your ACT or SAT practice: By regularly evaluating your scores, you can accurately track your progress and the effectiveness of your practice methods.
  7. Keeps your scores private: When you take the official SAT or ACT, colleges receive access to your scores. Though it is normal to take the test a few times, having a record of excessive attempts might hurt your application in instances where colleges request to see all of your scores.

Getting the Most out of Your Practice Test Experience

To get the most out of your experience, you should treat your practice tests like they’re the real deal. The closer you can replicate your routine and attitude on test day, the closer your practice score will likely be to your actual score. Get enough sleep, eat a breakfast that will supply plenty of energy, pack snacks and water, and use a familiar calculator.