A-List Professional Development & Direct Instruction

ACT and SAT test preparation is integral to ensuring students are competitive candidates for their top-choice colleges. A-List Education wants to give educators the tools to make certain students are prepared to reach their academic potential and succeed on college entrance exams.

We provide ACT & SAT professional development (in-person and online options available), classroom instruction, and content licensing to schools, organizations, and education-focused nonprofits across the country (and around the world!). Our programs leverage our proprietary materials and scoring and analytics portal, and follow a customized curriculum designed in concert with your institution. We tailor programming to best suit your budget, schedule, and students’ needs. Connect with A-List to learn more about how you can use our materials and online resources to incorporate ACT/SAT content and strategies into your classrooms.

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Why Bring A-List to Your School or Organization?

The class of 2018 saw over 2 million students take the SAT, with nearly as many taking the ACT, a 30% increase over the previous 10 years. One reason is simply that more students are applying to four-year colleges than ever before. But the use of the tests has also expanded to high schools, as some states have been requiring the ACT or SAT for graduation or using them as a replacement for statewide tests.

The ever-increasing importance of college entrance exams has led to many institutions to having a heightened interest in test preparation. Finding institutional solutions for raising students’ ACT and SAT scores can prove time-consuming and challenging. A-List has worked with over 80,000 students at schools and institutions around the world, offering the tools and resources to help educators effectively integrate ACT/SAT content into classrooms and raise test scores.

Every school comes to us with a unique set of needs and we customize our offerings to best serve each institution and its students.

The national average SAT score improvement is approximately +37 points;
A-List students’ average SAT improvement is approximately +170 points.
The national average ACT score improvement is approximately +1 point;
A-List students’ average ACT improvement is approximately +4.8 points.

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