Institute for Collaborative Education

Institute for Collaborative Education

  • About

    With a commitment to student-centered education, our vision is to provide a nurturing, creative, and challenging academic program that meets the unique needs of all students. Our dedication to maintaining small class sizes enables personal relationships and allows teachers and advisors to make meaningful connections with every student, fostering a culture of safety, support, and belonging.

  • Program Summary

    Our SAT program with ICE consisted of classes held weekly from February to the May SAT test.
    • 27 hours of SAT instruction
    • Classes held during the school day
    • 3 SAT practice tests

  • SAT Score Improvement

    SAT Score Improvements (2400 point scale)

    Average Score Improvement:

    +185 points

    Percent of Students with Improving Scores:


    29% of ICE students improved over 200 points. 5 student improvements surpassed 300 points, and the highest score improvement was 430 points!