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Revolutionary assessment technology for bringing ACT/SAT test preparation to your school or organization

One of the most crucial elements for SAT/ACT improvement is practice. A-List’s Portal allows you to print bubble sheets for students to take diagnostic and practice exams and generate detailed score reports to provide in-depth analysis of both individual student and whole-class performance at a glance.

ACT/SAT Practice Tests

Reports & Analytics

  • Print, scan, and grade bubble sheets with just a printer, scanner, and internet connection
  • Instantly generate student reports to analyze student performance
  • Use real retired ACT/SAT tests for accurate scores
  • Group student data to view trends of whole class mastery
  • Assign supplementary quizzes online
  • Utilize data to steer instruction and address crucial topics


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How does it work?

The classroom package is an online content and practice test platform that allows educators to access Common Core and other standards aligned SAT/ACT resources for their classes, score practice tests, and generate comprehensive reports detailing their performance.

A la carte options are available for all individual offerings included in packages below. 

Single Practice Test ($10/student/test)

  • A-List provides student bubble sheet PDFs
  • A-List scores practice tests for you
  • A-List generates and sends you individual student and class/school reports

Teacher Package ($250/teacher)

  • ACT or SAT Textbook (Teacher’s Edition) with easy to read explanations of all practice problems
  • ACT or SAT instructional videos for all textbook content and problems

Classroom Package ($60/year/student or $45/semester/student)

  • Reports for classes and schools
  • Access for unlimited accounts to teachers and administrators
  • Hard  copy of ACT and SAT textbook with practice problems
  • Thousands of slides for every concept and question in our ACT/SAT Teacher book
  • Hundreds of quizzes, drills, and bell ringers for download or online
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Success Stories

“I just wanted to share this news with you and to say thank you for what A-List is doing for our students. Our kids and teachers have benefited greatly from A-List’s exceptional ACT program. A new 11th grade student who enrolled in January 2017, has seen her ACT composite score improve eight (8) total points since being in our ACT Prep course (from an 18 to a 26). She improved four (4) points in February and four (4) more points in April. Additionally, MRAs graduating class ACT composite average eclipsed the 24+ threshold following the first year (2014-15) of implementing the ACT prep program offered by A-List. Since then our graduating class average has been above 24+. We had not attained this level of success once in the previous 10 years.”

-Greg Self, Principal
Madison Ridgeland Academy (MS)

“Creating bubble-sheets and scoring them is one of my favorite A-List offerings. The students love the immediate feedback, and the teachers appreciate the summarized data. We can look at a report and immediately see that a student is missing a greater number of geometry problems or they always miss explicit questions in the reading section.”

-Kimberly Van Uden
Jackson Preparatory Academy (MS)

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