Professional Development for Educators

A-List’s fully customizable professional development programs equip instructors with the tools and resources to effectively integrate content and strategies into existing curricula and/or to run a stand-alone course. Training session programs can be tailored to incorporate the Common Core and State Standards allowing teachers to best leverage the new skills they acquire. To complement our teacher training services, A-List has also developed an extensive suite of teacher books, study guides, and e-learning tools.

Are you looking for FREE resources to help all students and teachers throughout your state? Has your state been declared an ACT or SAT mandated state? If you have a Department of Education contact to disseminate communication to all high schools throughout the state, A-List would be happy to offer a FREE 1-day PD focusing on running your own course and integrating ACT/SAT skills into the classroom. Complete our contact form for more information on our offer or if you are looking for guidance on running an ACT/SAT course at your school/organization, integrating ACT/SAT skills into your everyday classroom, learning what your students’ ACT/SAT scores mean, or scheduling a FREE planning session!

Watch Scott Farber talk about the professional development and materials offerings A-List can bring to your school/organization!

Discounts for Your School

  • ACT/SAT Test Prep

    A-List’s fully customizable ACT and SAT professional development programs equip instructors with the tools and resources to effectively run a stand-alone test prep course. Training session programs include an in-depth overview of the exams discussing format, content, overall strategies, and scoring assessments.

  • ACT/SAT Integrated Curriculum

    A-List’s ACT/SAT integrated curriculum professional development provides a means for educators to work ACT/SAT content and subject matter into their everyday curriculum. It covers all subjects on the tests and provides best practices for incorporating A-List strategies into existing curricula.

  • ACT/SAT Comparison & Common Core State Standards

    A-List offers a training examining the key similarities and differences between the ACT & SAT. Understanding the differences between the tests will allow you to determine which test is a better fit for your students and program. Training can look to the tests alongside implementation of the Common Core…

  • College Admissions, Essay Writing & Custom Academic Workshops

    A-List can provide workshops on topics including college essay writing and vocabulary building and help your school/organization develop specific lesson plans for every subject. We can also create customized and hybrid academic workshops to meet the needs of your program.

  • Institutional College Advising

    A-List offers evaluation and training for college counseling staff. We deliver this training in the form of best practices, policies, and tools. Our experts can fine-tune an office and offer ongoing, strategic support for a fraction of the cost of adding full-time staff.

Case Study

South Laurel High School

  • About

    South Laurel High School teachers attended a two day ACT PD in June 2015. After PD, they purchased portals and teacher materials to run their own ACT prep course during the school day. This was an ACT remediation course, where some of the students were considered to be at risk learners from impoverished backgrounds. Some of the students never took an official test when they started the course.

  • Success

    Overall, the class was a success. On average, students improved by 5.9, 2.7, 5.6, and 6.6 points on the ELA, Math, Reading, and Science sections, respectively. 100% of the students had an improvement over 3 points on English, Reading and Science sections.

We have trained thousands of teachers and helped countless schools and educational organizations across the country and around the world to develop and run their own successful courses. We’ve worked with teachers in countries including Cambodia, China, Colombia, Haiti, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, and Vietnam. Each institution comes to A-List with a unique set of needs; we customize our programs to best serve each organization and its students.

Interested in any of A-List’s professional development offerings? Complete our get started form to provide us with more information about your school/organization. An A-List representative will be in touch with more details about our offerings.