College Admissions, Essay Writing & Custom Academic Workshops

A-List’s team of Advisors offer comprehensive expert support for the entire US university admissions process. Our advisors provide specialist strategic guidance to develop students into successful applicants to the top US institutions. There are over 4,500 colleges and universities to choose from in the United States, and the application requirements are much broader than in most countries. We offer a variety of workshops to support the admission process to schools, organizations, non-profits, sports teams, and families. We can provide any of the workshops outlined below:

Introduction to College Admission Workshop

Suitable for high school students, parents, guidance counselors/teachers/organizational staff. This workshop will cover:
• Learning differences in admission process for research universities and liberal arts college
• Creating your college list and balancing reach, target, and likely schools
• Building your resume with activities and internships throughout high school
• Planning school visits and tours, based on if schools track demonstrated interest
• Creating a full timeline for your application, including all CommonApp components
• Strategizing admissions plan based on academic programs and school selectively
• Understanding highly selective admissions from a former university Admission Counselor

Mock Admission Committee

• Weigh the pros and cons of 3 full length applications
• Learn how your high school, specific major, course selection, etc can affect your application
• Gain an understanding of highly selective admissions and rubrics used to evaluate app components
• Understand some of the nuances of how decisions are made by university evaluation committees

Writing Your College Essay

• Overview of dos and don’ts for writing a stand out college essay
• Brainstorm and outline the main CommonApp essay
• Learn the goals of supplemental essays development

Selecting Schools and Planning Visits

• Identify a range of ‘best-fit’ universities based on student’s interests, personality and specific requirements
• Learn how to plan your itineraries and create a timeline
• Create a list of questions to ask and people to chat with during your visits

Filling Out the CommonApp (and Non-CommonApp applications)

• Learn from a former admission counselor how colleges view the CommonApp
• Discuss each section of the CommonApp and how to present your information
• Workshop your activity list to ensure your activities stand out
• Begin working on the main CommonApp essay

Building Your Resume

• Brainstorm academic achievements, internships, community service, and clubs
• Learn about how to format a resume for the college application
• Discuss ways to build your resume further before you apply to college

Preparing for the College Interview

• Explore type of interviews including optional, invite-only, alumni, and on-campus
• Learn what questions colleges ask and how can you prepare
• Develop a timeline for when to interview

Other Workshop Available:

• Athletic recruiting and student-athlete applications
• US summer activity planning
• Liaising with secondary schools
• Art portfolios
• Tutoring for all US entrance exams (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, TOEFL, etc.)

Essay Writing Workshops

Our college essay writing workshop introduces attendees to the process of writing winning personal statements and supplemental essays, ensuring students stand out as college applicants beyond their ACT/SAT test scores. Attendees will be introduced to A-List’s innovative e-learning platform, College Essay Organizer (CEO). CEO’s search tool instantly delivers your required essay questions—providing you with all of your required essay questions for each of your colleges (updated for the current application season).

Once students discover all of their questions, CEO’s Essay RoadMap reveals how questions overlap, so students can write the fewest essays possible and work most efficiently.

Vocabulary Building Workshops

We offer vocabulary building workshops, which address how to develop vocabulary- specific lesson plans for every subject. Studies have shown time and again the immeasurable value of systematic vocabulary instruction for building reading comprehension. A 2007 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development study notes that “on average, students who had placed at the 50th percentile in reading comprehension scored 30 percentile points higher after receiving direct vocabulary instruction” (Dunn, Bonner, & Huske, 2007). Understanding word meanings is an essential part of all reading comprehension; a good vocabulary will improve student performance on standardized tests and in high school English classrooms.

Our vocabulary workshops include our online video vocabulary platform, Vocab Videos. Vocab Videos uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of key SAT, ACT, and high school vocabulary.

Custom Academic Workshops

A-List can create a personalized or hybrid academic workshops to meet the needs of your school/organization.