Southeast Schools

We have conducted ACT Professional Development with over eighteen school and districts. Specifically, we have worked with several big districts in TN, including Bedford County Schools, Williamson County Schools, and Knox County Schools. In addition PD, A-List frequently grades school wide ACT practice tests for schools in the region.    

Schools We've Worked With


  • Central High School – Tuscaloosa, AL


  • Gulliver Schools – Miami, FL


  • Live Oak High School – Denham Springs, LA


  • Bayou Academy – Cleveland, MS
  • Clinton Christian Academy – Clinton, MS
  • Copiah Academy – Gallman, MS
  • Indianola Promise Community – Indianola, MS
  • Indianola Academy – Indianola, MS
  • Jackson Preparatory School – Jackson, MS
  • Leake Academy – Madden, MS
  • Madison Ridgeland Academy – Madison, MS
  • Magnolia Heights School – Senatobia, MS
  • Pillow Academy – Greenwood, MS
  • Presbyterian Christian School – Hattiesburg, MS

North Carolina

  • Cardinal Gibbons High School – Raleigh, NC


  • Bedford County School District – Shelbyville, TN
  • Centennial High School – Franklin, TN
  • Hamilton County Department of Education – Chattanooga, TN
  • KIPP Nashville – Chattanooga, TN
  • Knox County Schools – Knoxville, TN
  • Silverdale Baptist Academy – Chattanooga, TN
  • Robertson County Schools – Springfield, TN
  • Williamson County Schools – Franklin, TN


Bayou Academy

Our trainer was very professional and informative during our training.I have taken many valuable tips to incorporate into my classroom to better prepare my students.

It was a GREAT seminar with valuable information!

I found A-List’s method of educating the students to use critical thinking most valuable.

Bedford County School District

A great start to understanding how to go about creating and implementing an ACT program/classes in our school.

Scott was fantastic and extremely engaging and made me extremely excited to tackle an ACT prep class that affects true change in my school!

Cardinal Gibbons High School

This material will not only be helpful for a future SAT course, but also when teaching my freshman classes. Thank you!

Engaging instruction with excellent examples and strategies that could be used in other areas.

Centennial High School

A-List has always paid very close attention to our needs as a school and have designed ALL activities with both students and teachers to meet on particular needs at the time.

I enjoyed the seminar. The information was very helpful and I am looking forward to using it in my classroom this school year.

Wonderful and informing presentation which helps to affirm, confirm and give useful insight for reaching students.

Central High School

Thank you so much! This training and resources are going to be fantastic for my school and change futures for my students.

The workshop was great; I feel better in helping my student becoming stress-free.

Extremely helpful. I gained a wealth of knowledge today.

Clinton Christian Academy

This was by far the best ACT seminar I have ever been to!

I have been to several ACT workshops, some put on by ACT themselves and this was by far the most beneficial workshop/training I have attended.

Copiah Academy

It was a great training! Excited about the path our schools is on now using this program.

I wanted to gain a greater understanding of this program. This presentation has helped me in this area. I am excited to utilize the tips/techniques that I learned today. Thanks, Dory!

Gulliver Schools

I was given the executive decision of determining in which direction the course should go, and I am choosing we stick with A-List. The materials, the personalized pacing guide, and your customer service are testaments to the quality of your company. The pacing guide John created was extremely helpful! Thank you so much for the time and attention you dedicated to my scope and sequence. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Hamilton County Department of Education

I wish our entire county could attend this. This was absolutely FANTASTIC! It was the single most valuable professional development I have ever attended. Even though, I’m not an ACT coach, teaching all juniors, I will greatly benefit from this.

John was a great instructor. He was very engaging, and he does a great job using real-life illustrations to help everyone understand the ideas and content that was covered.

Indianola, MS Regional PD

I think all the material is extremely well researched & thought out.

It is so nice to have a teacher leading the workshop because he knows about the classroom.

Jackson Preparatory School

I feel less anxious and more prepared to teach this class. I have a direction and goal for my students that is much clearer now than before I attended. Scott, good luck with your future endeavors!

Best and most helpful professional development I’ve ever had.

Leake Academy

As an English teacher–I can use many of the same strategies in the regular classroom.

KIPP Nashville/Silverdale Baptist Academy

I honestly did not feel confident in assisting students with ACT prep. Knowing what I know now, I feel better prepared to help students become more confident and knowledgeable about the ACT.

This has been so helpful. We’re excited to work with A-List and roll this out in our schools.

Knox County Schools

Awesome presentation and very knowledgeable presenter!

Excellent instructor and materials.

It was very informative and enjoyable!

Live Oak High School

Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and kept it common sense… My attitude toward the ACT was changed today. [Today’s training is] something that I can really use and will be useful to the student. This is what it should be about.

Excellent wealth of information. Thanks for coming to Live Oak. There are not many people who speak non-stop for six/seven hours that have held my attention as well as you did.

John was hilarious! I wish every presenter was as entertaining as him, PD would be a lot more tolerable.

Presenters were extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining. The training was very helpful and I can see implementing these strategies in my classroom this year. Thank you!

Madison Ridgeland Academy

This has been the most applicable staff development day I have ever attended. The importance and relevance of the instruction were remarkable. I plan on implementing multiple practices in my classroom.

I’ve attended quite a lot of ACT professional development. This has been the best by far.
I liked the organization and strategy approach. I learned so much!

I have been involved with ACT-SAT Prep for many years. This presentation was the single most helpful that I have ever attended.

Great seminar! I learned several ideas to use concurrently in my chemistry classes to help students to improve on their skills for the ACT!

This session calmly and strategically addressed many of the issues I have seen when it comes to helping students improve.

Magnolia Heights School

Since this is the 1st step in getting prepared to integrate ACT material into daily lessons, everything was so very helpful.

Pillow Academy

Scott was great! Entertaining and very knowledgeable on everything. Great tips!

Presbyterian Christian School

Loved the strategies/techniques for math!! GREAT JOB… ENJOYED IT!

Robertson County Schools

Many of these tips should ease students anxiety about taking the ACT, as well as provide them confidence. Giving them strategies gives them a plan… Thanks for your enthusiasm and desire to help students and schools.

Having strategies that actually work will be encouraging to my students!

Everything has been helpful for my preparation of my ACT prep course.

Scott was amazing and kept me engaged! I learned many strategies to help my Hispanic students be more successful on ACT.

Loved this! I’m excited to teach ACT Prep this year!

This is one of the best PDs I have ever attended! I appreciated the enthusiasm from both Scott and John!

Tennessee Dept. of Education Regional PD

This was the only ACT seminar I have ever attended that was worth the time 🙂

The instructors were knowledgeable, engaging, and energetic.

Williamson County Schools

This is my second year teaching ACT Prep and this company seems to have much more helpful and useful teacher resources. The presenter’s enthusiasm was helpful in keeping us engaged, a good balance of individual work, group work, and breaks.

Great Program–I feel that this will really benefit our kiddos.


Evaluation Averages

  • 94.60% of educators enjoyed their professional development session.
  • 99.19% of attendees found their instructors knowledgeable and engaging.
  • 97.13% found their seminar materials instructive and helpful.
  • 97.91% of attendees found topics to be presented in an organized fashion.