Theodore Roosevelt Education Campus (TREC)

Theodore Roosevelt Education Campus (TREC)

  • About

    In 2002, a failing Theodore Roosevelt High School reorganized into an “educational campus” with small themed schools; Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus now houses six small high schools in the Bronx.

  • Program Summary

    A-List provided SAT instruction to about 90 students in partnership with Roosevelt Educational Campus.
    • 30 hours of SAT instruction
    • Weekly Saturday classes
    • 3 SAT practice tests

  • SAT Score Improvement

    SAT Score Improvements (2400 point scale)

    Average Score Improvement:

    +136 points

    Percent of Students with Improving Scores:


    81% of students improved over 100 points and 16% improved over 200 points. The highest student score improvement reached 310 points!