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Thursday, 3rd of October – 6:30PM-7:30PM – Demystifying US Universities

The US university admissions process is notoriously complex and nuanced. We know the challenges this poses for parents and prospective students. Highly selective institutions in the US pride themselves on employing a holistic review process when evaluating applications, but what does this really mean? Let our A-List experts unpack the US admissions process for you!


Thursday, 10th of October 6:30PM-7:30PM  – Common Application Personal Statement Workshop

The 650 word Common Application personal statement required for most US universities is thought of as the “heart” of the application. Through this essay, admissions officers hope to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and how you might contribute to their campus and community. Thus, it is important that you select a fresh topic and develop a strong narrative. A-List’s resident essay expert, Dr Carolyn Tate, has a Ph.D. in English Literature and years of experience as an educator in the field. Come learn from her about what makes a strong university essay!


Tuesday, 15th of October 6:30PM-7:30PM  – Time Well Spent – CV Development

Your list of extracurricular activities is an essential part of your application to selective universities. In fact, it is typically the third thing that an admissions committee will look at! What you do now allows universities to forecast the kinds of contributions you might make on their campus, so it is important to engage in meaningful activities throughout the year and in during holidays! Come and learn about how you can maximise experiences outside of the classroom and understand how admissions officers are hoping you’ll spend your time.


Be sure to check back often as additional events are still being arranged.


Past events include:

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