Dianna Block

Director of Client Service/Advanced Tutor
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT

Dianna joins A-List UK from A-List’s New York office where she ran the tutoring group for over 9 years. Dianna was born and raised in Long Beach, NY. She graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a BA in Economics and returned to Long Island to care for her father and pursue a career. After college, Dianna worked for a small defense contractor for five years, managing subcontracts and purchasing as well as ensuring the viability of day to day operations.

At A-List UK, Dianna manages the Client Service Team and brings her operational expertise to A-List’s school programmes. Dianna is also a highly experienced SAT/ACT tutor with a track record of oustanding results. Every year she continues to work with a small number of tutoring clients.


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