Graden O’Leary

Testing Liaison/College Essay Editor

Graden earned his BA from New York University magna cum laude with High Honours in his French and Middle Eastern Studies majors. He also graduated as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honours society for students of the humanities. Currently, he is pursuing two master’s degrees in international affairs as part of a dual degree program with Sciences Po in Paris and the LSE. Before moving to Europe, Graden was the Proposal Manager at a small Systems Engineering consultancy in his hometown, San Diego, California. His favourite parts of working there were meeting with stakeholders and project leaders to understand the inner workings of a problem and facilitating communication between engineers and policymakers to make their work more intelligible to each other.

Graden has been involved in teaching, mentoring, and proofreading for seven years. He became a College Leader for the first-year student orientation program at NYU and volunteered at his residence hall to proofread and edit for his colleagues. He also tutored privately after graduating from NYU for the SAT/ACT, Advanced Placement courses, and specialised in helping students improve their essay writing skills.

When he is not at the library, Graden can be found sharpening his skills as a private pilot, swimming in open water and pool competitions with his London-based swim team, and hiking in the countryside.


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