Institutional College Advising

A-List offers evaluation and training for college counselling staff in schools across the country.

  • We deliver training in the form of best practices, policies, and tools.
  • We provide a credential certifying the presence of materials and policies consonant with a first-rate counselling office.
  • We deliver these improvements through interactions with master trainers.  Our differentiator is our broad, diverse, and nationally recognised network and the experience of our staff of experts.

The college counselling offices in secondary schools are under increasing pressure to deliver students to schools that will assure their financial future (or at least give them the income needed to pay off their loans).  They are struggling, however, with limited budgets, new technology, and changing policies that can burden office staff.  Undermatching (when students apply to too few colleges) can be the result. Principals and headmasters—and their Boards—want effective counselling offices, ones where investments in program and staff are paying off. But  where budgets are tight or staff is stressed, experienced admission and school counsellors willing to work as consultants are the perfect solution. A-List is the premier professional development marketplace between schools that need help and experts who can deliver it.  Knowledgeable in the field, experienced with students, comfortable as managers, these educational experts can fine-tune an office, initiate best practice, and offer on-going, strategic support for a fraction of the cost of adding full-time staff.


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