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Our Counsellors’ Success and Accountability

We are committed to student success. At A-List, we take tremendous pride in seeing our students succeed and last year our counsellors helped students gain acceptances at 88% of their universities. We are committed to results and to implementing methods for accountability. Our students routinely gain acceptance to their top choice universities (including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford and virtually all of the top 50 ranked institutions). Most importantly, we are dedicated to ensuring that our students attend universities where they will thrive and enjoy their four years.

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Our greatest measure of success would be the creation of such a US university-going culture at your school. We can serve as your counsellors or support your current in house counsellors. 

  • Educating families about successfully applying to and attending US universities.
  • Providing on-site expert support so that the process runs seamlessly for every applicant.
  • Helping students explore a realistic range of universities that match their personal requirements.
  • Assisting students, parents, teachers and ‘counsellors’ to complete all required application forms.
  • Guiding students through the application essay writing process.
  • Working with students throughout secondary school to develop their activities and CVs.
  • Offering integrated exam preparation and test centre management for the SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests.
  • Designing bespoke US university tours.
  • Securing financial aid and scholarships and managing the athletic recruiting process.
  • Training school staff in key areas to build sustainable long-term in-house capacity.

Why A-List?

A-List UK’s advisors and essay editors hail from top US institutions, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Brown University, Yale University and Pomona College and have not only worked in the field of higher education administration but also as secondary school teachers and US university advisors at well-regarded British and American independent schools. As our advisors have attended universities on both sides of the Atlantic and worked with students on both US and UK applications, they are uniquely qualified in understanding the nuances and key differences between the processes and also can manage timelines effectively for students applying to both systems. Our UK team has the depth and breadth to accommodate students who seek not only traditional university and careers guidance, but also to hone the applications of top actors, artists, musicians and sportsmen, and to develop sophisticated CVs for all of our applicants.

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