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SAT Waitlist Information regarding upcoming SAT exams

Check out our SAT Waitlist information if you missed the registration deadline.

  • Although standby test-taking is not allowed, some students can request waitlist status if:
  • You missed the last registration deadline
  • Your paper registration was returned unprocessed and you didn’t have enough time to resubmit it.
SAT Waitlist Status Is Not a Guarantee

Getting on the waitlist doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to take the test on test day, but it is your only option if you missed the late registration deadline. You cannot register for the test on test day at the test center.

How SAT Waitlist Status Works
  • Waitlisted students are admitted to the test center on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Waitlisted students are seated after all regularly registered test-takers have been admitted and if sufficient test materials, staff, and seating are available.
  • If weather or some other unexpected condition closes your test center, your waitlist request will be canceled and you will be notified. You may be able to submit a new waitlist request for another center if there’s time.
Test Day Rules and Requirements
  • The test center supervisor decides who is admitted to the test center on test day. Those decisions are final.
  • You must present an acceptable photo ID from the country in which you’re testing.
  • You must bring your printed Waitlist Ticket and any extra documentation for your testing situation (such as your Eligibility Approval Letter).
Requesting SAT Waitlist Status
  • You can request waitlist status from the last registration deadline up until five days before test day.
  • Waitlist requests can be made online only, using your free College Board account. You can’t mail in a paper registration form or register by phone.
  • You can choose only one test center and one test type (SAT or SAT Subject Tests) on any particular test administration date.
Waitlist Fees and Requirements
  • All regular registration requirements apply.
  • You must be able to print your Waitlist Ticket; it can’t be mailed to you.
  • Admitted waitlist students will be charged any applicable registration fees, including waitlist fees.
  • You cannot make any changes to your waitlist request on test day. If you’re admitted to the test center, you must test exactly as specified on your Waitlist Ticket.
Waitlist Restrictions
  • Fee waivers cannot be used.
  • Waitlist status is not an option for SAT Language with Listening Subject Tests.
  • First-time Sunday testers cannot request waitlist status. If you have tested previously on a Sunday, you may request Sunday waitlist status.
  • Waitlist status is not available in Cameroon, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam.
  • Test-takers 21 or older are not waitlist eligible.
  • If you are approved to test with accommodations, you might be able to test, but specialized test formats and equipment will probably not be available.
  • Waitlist status is not available for scheduled makeup test administrations.

You can find more information about the International SAT Waitlist online at College Board.